Hairdresser's Guide: How to Use a Hair Clipper Limit Comb

Hairdresser's Guide: How to Use a Hair Clipper Limit Comb
Jun 13, 2023admin

How to use the hairdresser limit comb?

1. Remove the positioning comb to trim the end of the hair, clip the hair with your fingers, determine the hair length and cut off the excess hair. Use a positioning comb to trim both sides, straighten out the hair, determine the length of the hair, and cut it diagonally from top to bottom to make the bangs and tips as natural and smooth as possible.

2. Above the switch of the electric hair clipper, there are two small circles, which can be twisted to adjust the length. 0.8mm and 0mm are electric fader positioning combs, which can be used as long as you need to keep your hair. The limit comb is also a good auxiliary tool in the haircut process.

3. First of all, fine-tune the hair cutter and cooperate with the limiting comb. Secondly, what kind of limited comb is equipped for fine-tuning. Finally, with the cooperation, the positioning comb and the adjustment button can be used to complete the operation.

4. Find some recommended buckle. Hang the tail of the blade with the buckle. Put the limit comb horizontally close to the blade. Press and hold the thumb limit comb and push forward to jam the knife head; as shown below. Electric push scissors are tools for haircutting and hairdressing. Electric push shears are generally divided into two types, one is plug-in type, the other is charging type.

5. The function of the limit comb is to prevent the scalp from being stabbed, and it is easy to control the shortest length of the hair, so that the hair length is basically the same, neat and tidy after the haircut. It is an auxiliary tool designed to facilitate haircuts. It is generally divided into three millimeters, six millimeters, nine millimeters and twelve millimeters.

6. the limit comb of the dog shaver needs to be combed hard, and it will be pushed up with a hard push. When you take it down, it comes down as soon as you buckle it. When there is wine, most people still don't understand. After the limit on this card is combed, it will be pushed back and forth for N times. So that the hair can be combed the same.

Dog shaver limit comb use

1. The first step: shaving after taking a bath or washing your face before application, girls need to use a razor to shave the hair as short as possible. The body does not need to rub all the moisturizing lotion, so as not to affect the actual effect of hair removal.

2. don't be too close to the skin when shaving; turn off the razor for a while after shaving to avoid scalding the blade and scalding the dog's skin; it's best to do it from behind when shaving your feet, and when shaving your abdomen, straighten the dog's body and pay attention to the nipples. Don't get too close to the skin when shaving.

3. Above the switch of the hair clipper, there are two small circles, which can be twisted to adjust the length. 0.8mm and 0mm are the positioning combs of the hairdresser, which can be used as long as you need to keep the hair.

4, do not ignore the dog butt part around the anus hair, shave this part of the hair, if not sure, it is recommended to use round head trimming scissors.

I am a barber. How much will it cost if I want to go to Sassoon for further study?

1. The price of each school is different, roughly between 4000 and 10000.

2. How much you spend depends on what kind of course you have. (Sassoon elite tailoring class-tuition fee is 13000-seven days) the definition of master is very vague, and some studio teachers are also very skilled. They don't like to work in big stores because the management mode of big stores makes them feel not free.

3. Shanghai Sassoon has free hair dye and haircut, and you can make an appointment to do it. if you want to pay for it, the price is about 300 for a simple haircut. You may not be sure of a certain businessman. Finding a master with good craftsmanship will not cost much money. I can also help you design a good hairstyle. As for Sassoon, it is more than 300. I didn't lie to you.

4. Yes. Sassoon in the UK is in London. The tuition is relatively expensive. The six-month Post Graduate course costs 15 and 650. English is very demanding. If you are not good at English, you can't even get a visa. There are some short-term courses for experienced hairdressers, but it takes 825 for five days.

5. Look at the regional differences. In the ordinary county Sassoon shop haircut, the original price of 10 yuan, students half price. There are 20 and 30 in the Sassoon shop in the city.

6. I suddenly feel that learning is so easy! In fact, hairdressing is the same, as long as we pay enough attention, everything becomes simple.