Hairdressing professional scissors

Hairdressing professional scissors
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What brand of haircut scissors is good

Joewell was founded in 1917, Japan's well-known hairdressing scissors brand, established at the beginning of the manufacturing of medical shearing tools, in 1921 began to produce hairdressers special scissors.

Brand introduction: American Wal push Clipper Co., Ltd., Wal push Shears (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., ten major brands, founded in 1919, famous brands in the United States, famous trademarks in Ningbo, famous brands in Ningbo, the most famous multinational manufacturing company of hairdressing utensils in the world, and the largest manufacturer of all kinds of beauty care tools in the world.

WAHL American Wahl Cutter Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of electric haircut, Wahl Cutter (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., founded in 1919, is a famous American brand, Ningbo famous brand, the world's most famous multinational manufacturer of hair and beauty appliances, and the world's largest manufacturer of all kinds of beauty care tools.

Question 1: which brand of haircut scissors is the best known imported scissors brands include German jungle leopard, Japanese tinker, chicken brand, ks knife god, Ikeimoto, Matsuki, light scissors and so on. Some scissors are sold for about 500 yuan, old brands such as Parsons, White Bird, Poplar, DH, Aesthetic and so on.

What kind of haircut scissors? Several pairs of scissors are made into one pair. What are their respective uses?

1. Slippery scissors: slippery scissors, also known as willow leaf scissors and fat scissors, can be used as a way to remove hair, and can also be used to deal with the direction of texture. it is often used in Japanese style cutting, and it is one of the necessary hairdressing scissors for hairstylists. Classic minimalist series of slippery shears, the appearance is atmospheric and exquisite.

2. The edge on which a knife is used to cut. The tool handle is a kind of tool, which is the connector between the mechanical spindle and the tool and other accessory tools. The main part of a knife except the hilt. Modern household scissors are made of ferrovanadium material. Scissors can be several times thicker than existing ordinary scissors.

3. Haircut scissors mainly cut hair at intervals to make thick hair softer without changing the overall length of the hair. Reasonable use of dental scissors can also create some special effects on the hair. Haircut skills haircut needs to be made up of points, lines, surfaces and space.

Ask for hairdressing scissors ranking, what are the more recommended?

1. WAHL Wahl Cutter of the United States, Wahl Cutter (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., one of the top ten brands of electric haircuts, was founded in 1919. It is a famous brand in the United States, a famous brand in Ningbo, the most famous multinational manufacturer of hair and beauty appliances in the world, and the largest manufacturer of all kinds of beauty care tools in the world.

2. Zhang Xiaoquan Hangzhou Zhang Xiaoquan Group Co., Ltd., which began in 1663, is a Chinese time-honored brand, a traditional famous brand of China's handicraft industry, whose traditional forging skills are recognized as intangible cultural heritage by the State Council and a leading enterprise in the domestic shear industry.

3. Joewell was founded in 1917 as a well-known hairdressing scissors brand in Japan. At the beginning of its establishment, it mainly produced medical shearing tools, and began to produce special scissors for barbers in 1921.

4. Some scissors are sold for about 500 yuan in the market, old brands such as passion, White Bird, Poplar, DH, Aesthetic and so on. New brands such as Dragon Scissors, kko, Mad Dog, Gaga, MATSUKA, their materials and workmanship and cost-effective.

There are many kinds of hairdressing scissors that are mainly imported (Japan. (Germany) in Taiwan, the prices of imports and domestic imports are generally 1000 yuan, while those in Taiwan are 500 dollars, and those made in China are much cheaper.

What are the uses of hairdressing scissors

② medical scissors: used to cut off blood tendons, skin, membrane and so on. ③ flower scissors: used for pruning orchard trees, green belt shrubs and so on. ④ hairdressing scissors: used for haircutting to take care of the customer's hair. ⑤ tailor scissors: used to cut thread when making clothes. ⑥ steel scissors: used to cut steel bars.

But because the front of the tooth collides with each other, it is easy to be damaged. These two kinds of tooth scissors are most suitable for thinning on both sides of short hairstyle and trimming on both sides and back of short hairstyle.

Tooth scissors are mainly used to remove excess hair volume, guide hair flow, and make the three-dimensional space inside the hair. There are many kinds of scissors, depending on the size and shape of the teeth.

Sawtooth scissors: Sawtooth scissors are a technique of using serrated scissors to cut hair. The blade of the serrated scissors is serrated, the ends of the hair are uneven and the hair volume is reduced. Sawing shears are usually trimmed with the outline of the hair to make the whole hairstyle feel elegant.

Scissors: flat cut: a common manual haircut for short hair. Tooth scissors: mainly used for thinning the manual haircut.