How can I get a haircut chair if it can't be locked?

How can I get a haircut chair if it can't be locked?
Jun 18, 2023admin

What is the reason why the back of the black-and-white computer chair cannot be locked?

1. Machine failure. Users in the use of Aiguole back chair, found that the back can not be locked, is caused by machine failure, users can go to a professional maintenance point to solve the problem.

2. Adjust it. Control the back, in the plug-in pressure rod, there is a pick, you can pull the pressure rod down to have a look, maybe it is not very sensitive (if it takes too long), you can get some smooth oil.

3. If you want to transfer back, move the adjustment handle first. In general, there should be an adjustment handle on the computer chair. After the chair is leaned back, the handle is locked. If you want to adjust it back, move the adjustment handle first, give the back of the chair an appropriate pressure and then relax, and the back of the chair should be able to bounce back.

What if the pneumatic lift chair can't be locked when it is raised? The lift chair could not be locked after it was raised and went down as soon as it was sat down.

When sitting at the height of the armrest, if you are used to putting your hands down, you might as well choose an office chair with lower or no armrests; but if you like to shrink the whole person into the middle of the office chair, then the chair with higher armrests and deeper seats is probably the best choice.

Through the air pressure difference to achieve the lifting of the chair. When there is a problem with the air rod, the connecting hole when the valve is talking is gone, it will be locked and cannot be lowered. It is necessary to check which part of the spirit has the problem solved before it can be brought down. Try not to sit in such a chair that people are prone to crack.

Sit on the chair, reach out and touch the joystick at the bottom of the chair, lift it up, and use your body weight to lower the chair. The way to reduce the height of the lifting swivel chair: find the handle on the support bar of the lifting swivel chair. Sit in the lift swivel chair or press the lift swivel chair hard.

You can try dropping one or two drops of oil around the bleed button at the top of the cylinder to increase the tightness. If it doesn't work, there's nothing you can do about it. it can't be taken apart, and the spring inside will rise by itself.

The lifting rod of the computer chair can not sit and always fall for the following reasons: the air pressure rod goes down by itself, because the air pressure rod will produce chronic air leakage for a long time, and the air pressure is insufficient, so it will go down by itself. The products are of different quality and need to be replaced with a good quality air pressure bar.

What's the reason why the back of the lift chair doesn't get stuck?

First of all, lift the cushion of the back seat sharply upward, and there is a fixed card on both sides of the middle position of the seat cushion.

The reason why the electric seat is stuck or stuck is mostly caused by the oxidation or insufficient lubrication of the seat adjusting connecting rod. The seat suddenly fails and does not work properly. Most of the reasons are circuit problems. You can check the insurance problems, and then check whether the seat motor is normal.

Hello, the switch screw may be loose, and I would like to remind you not to buy the lift computer chairs produced by small factories. If the air pressure rods of these chairs have not been strictly tested and regular production, there will be safety risks.