How to make an activity plan when opening a barber shop

How to make an activity plan when opening a barber shop
Jun 22, 2023admin

How to do the opening of the barber shop

Enjoy 1 yuan perm or 1 yuan hair dye service for VDS or Yolan Bell shampoo after 7 days of operation. When you enter the store, you will send Ying Paier a travel set (male: one shampoo, one conditioner; female: one shampoo, one conditioner, one elastin).

Second: you can send out some leaflets and so on, which states that holding leaflets and hairdressing can be discounted (there should be time restrictions) internship membership system, membership cards are issued, and members enjoy a discount and a rebate on membership points once a year. If you have a good reputation, you can consider deposit, just like mobile deposit.

Regularly engage in some lucky draw activities, such as new and old customers who often patronize the store, can enjoy the raffle at the end of the year, important holidays or store celebrations, and appropriately increase the winning rate.

Experience card activities: 10 yuan for two washing, cutting and blowing, and 20 yuan for two beauty experiences. I don't think everyone will refuse. After all, a haircut is 40 or 50 up now. Discount activities: such as 15% discount for washing, cutting and blowing, 50% discount for hot dyeing, 50% discount for old people and children. Membership card activity: charge as much as you can.

Event planning plan of hair salon

Although the activities of the hair salon on National Day have the popularity of the Mid-Autumn Festival activities, the boss still can not ignore the activity publicity, but should make more efforts to open up new customers, so that the hairdresser shop can welcome more repeat customers in the event, and these repeat customers can become repeat customers after the event.

During the event, all regular customers who come into the store can get a "Thanksgiving golden gift card" worth 200 yuan from the hairdresser's shop, which is valid for three months. that is, from January 1 to March 1, as long as you spend in the store, you can use the "Thanksgiving gold gift card", enjoy a certain fee reduction, offset a certain amount of consumption.

Hairdressing activity planning part 1 A properly designed and implemented promotional activity can improve the performance of the hair salon that month, and can continue the benefit. So what kind of activities can achieve the effect? I would like to give you an example. (1) sales promotion success stories: customers come to the store to wash their hair 15 times a month and give them a perm for free.

What are the contents of the opening ceremony planning?

Outside the company, there are new, unique and fashionable flower baskets at the right entrance, and two on the right, with advertising slogans (tentatively designated as the content of the company's cultural concept system) hanging flags, banners or POP at the upper and lower exits of elevators.

Opening activity planning plan 1 activity background: to celebrate the opening of "Xingzhou International Fitness Club inaction Elite Club", and to increase the popularity and influence of "Xingzhou International Fitness Club inaction Elite Club" through this event, this opening event is specially held.

In order to reflect the lively scene on the opening day, the military band, mighty gongs and drums, dragon and lion dance and other spectacular performances attracted the masses to visit. In addition to regular military bands and drum bands, there are also balloons with heart-shaped colored petals and medals.

(basic content: opening-leadership speech-ribbon cutting-various professional performances such as literary and artistic activities-participants lottery activities-banquet for some dignitaries (held at the same time as the lottery)) celebration procedures: the opening ceremony is initially scheduled to be held at the store in the morning of the 20th × × year × month × day.

Opening ceremony planning part 3 opening ceremony scale: the number of participants is about 200,260, the scene layout is based on the atmosphere of warm and grand celebration ceremony, and the activity aims to produce good news effect and social benefit.

Planning for the opening of a new barbershop

1. Hair salon activities are mainly divided into large, medium and small activities, large activities are generally rare, involving many aspects of things, medium-sized activities-free scissors, art scissors, etc., to increase the popular marketing atmosphere of the hairdresser; small activities-project experience activities, promotion of new projects, dyeing and ironing care, and so on.

2. After the hair salon has worked out the promotion plan, it is necessary to start to promote some activities, such as making display shelves, posters, or Weibo promotion, so that customers can understand the promotion content of the hair salon. Barber shop opening planning 2 (1) promotional success stories: customers come to the store to wash their hair 15 times a month and perm it once for free.

3. The hair salon can offer a promotion of spending 200 yuan and returning 50 yuan on the double Mid-Autumn Festival, or the top 20 customers can enjoy the high-end hairdressing products improved by the hairdresser.