Is there a problem with perming and dyeing with your left hand?

Is there a problem with perming and dyeing with your left hand?
Jun 04, 2023admin

Is it better to perm before dyeing or to dye before scalding? Will it straighten after dyeing and perming your hair?

1. This depends on your hair color. Generally speaking, it is recommended to separate ironing and dyeing at an interval of at least one month, so as not to affect the coloring effect. If the color is dyed first and then ironed, the color may fade faster. Dye first and then perm: this method is suitable for dyeing brown hair within 6 degrees, but not for some bright or damp colors.

2, this specific depends on your hair color, generally speaking, it is recommended that ironing and dyeing are best separated, at least one month apart, so that the effect of coloring will not be affected. If you dye first and then perm, the color may fade faster.

3. The correct order of scalding dyeing should be scalding first and then dyeing. The effect of hair dyeing on perm curl elasticity is mainly hydrogen peroxide, the higher the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the greater the effect on elasticity. If you choose to perm your hair first and then dye it, you'd better choose low hydrogen peroxide.

4. Dyeing before scalding has little effect on crimp, but has a certain effect on dyeing. This operation is brown dyeing in less than 6 degrees, the red part had better not first dye and then hot, red will soon fade to orange.

5. Hairdressing is done only after perming and dyeing. And for the sake of their own hair, be sure to perm, dye hair separately, the best interval of about a month. Ion ironing is no exception, unless necessary, dyeing and scalding should not be carried out at the same time.

6. The correct order of scalding dyeing should be scalding first and then dyeing. Dyeing your hair two weeks after a perm is designed to reduce damage, but it turns out that dyeing your hair every two weeks is the same as dyeing your hair just after a perm, but dyeing after a perm has an effect on curl.

What problems should you pay attention to when perming and dyeing your hair?

Good hair condition is suitable for perm, and perm should be at least three months apart, preferably more than half a year. Because the perm potion is harmful to the quality of the hair, frequent use will make the hair lose its luster and elasticity, and even turn yellow and withered.

People who should not dye their hair: patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, bronchitis and women during pregnancy and childbirth should try not to dye and perm their hair. Do allergy test before dyeing and perming: apply hair dye on the inside of the forearm or behind the ear and observe for 2 days. Use it only if there is no abnormal skin reaction.

Wash your hair before you dye it. You can't dye my hair with hairspray or styling agent. Moreover, if you need an electric hair, it is best to dye your hair about a week after the electric hair. Before dyeing hair, it is best to conduct a skin allergy test for hair dye, especially for allergic skin. There have been deaths related to hair dye in the past.

Try not to heat your hair when dyeing your hair, unless gray hair needs to be covered with white hair, or the hair is particularly difficult to color, because heating will cause hair scales to open quickly and cause damage, which is also one of the reasons why the hair is relatively dry after dyeing.

Choose the right perm water: choose according to the customer's hair quality. Before perm should check hair scalp condition cold perm essence is a chemical preparation, have certain irritation, if hair, scalp damage should not perm, lest damage hair, make scalp inflammation. Hair that causes minor damage should be treated with conditioner and then permed.

Don't blow your hair with hot air for a long time after dyeing your hair, and you can't get a perm right away, which will fade your hair after dyeing. If you need a perm, it should be done seven days before or seven days after dyeing your hair. It is best not to wash your hair for a short time after dyeing your hair, and the best time is the fourth day after dyeing your hair.

Can I scratch my hair with my hands without a comb?

After dyeing your hair, wash your scalp and hair thoroughly with plenty of water, but don't scratch hard or wash it with hot water, and don't use irritating shampoo. When you dye your hair for the first time, you must see a doctor in time when you have an allergic reaction, and don't continue to dye your hair, because the allergy will become more and more serious every time, especially for people with allergies.

You can wear gloves and dye them with your hands, then comb them with a comb. Hair dyeing is one of the most common means of modern makeup, using plant pigments (such as avocado, nail grasses, Polygonum multiflorum, etc.) or chemical pigments to dye the hair to the desired color. It is one of the most common services in modern barber shops.

It should be all right, depending on your own habits. I just dye it with my hands, but remember to get my hands wet before dyeing. As for gloves, hair dye can be easily washed off with warm water even if it is glued to my hands.