Pay attention to the benefits of shaved head do not forget the points for attention of baby shaved head

Pay attention to the benefits of shaved head do not forget the points for attention of baby shaved head
Jun 22, 2023admin

What should babies pay attention to when shaving their heads?

1. After giving the baby a haircut, be sure to wash your baby's hair twice and don't put too much water when washing your hair. It is best to wipe your baby's hair with a small water-absorbing towel, which can prevent water from entering the ears and eyes and appease the baby's mood.

2, baby full moon shaving what to pay attention to 1 because the baby's skin is particularly thin and delicate, the development is not perfect, so the baby should not be shaved, otherwise it is easy to cause infection due to poor resistance to external stimulation; at the same time, the seasonal factors should also be taken into account.

3. Therefore, the first time to shave a child's head must be a hundred days, which is not only beneficial to the baby's health, but also very memorable. The custom of shaving for the first time the baby shaves his head for the first time after he is born, it is very meaningful for adults, so in many parts of our folk, after children shave their heads, there are many customs.

4. It is harmful to health. When you get a haircut, you should always pay attention to the baby's expression. If the baby is not happy to cry, parents are advised to stop cutting their hair immediately so as not to bruise the child. Timely care after haircut if prickly heat grows on the baby's head, it is recommended to apply prickly heat powder after the baby's hair is cut clean, wash the baby's hair frequently and keep the hair clean.

5. when cutting the back of your baby's hair, you must be good at protecting his ear from injury; do not immediately wet the baby's hair with cold water, just spray the water on the comb and use the comb to remove the wet hair, which can also prevent the flu; after the haircut, you can use a wide adhesive tape to stick off the broken hair on the baby's body.

Is it good to shave your baby's head?

The baby's head is the most likely to sweat, so the baby's head is also the most vulnerable place to be visited by mosquitoes. Often shaving your baby's head will also increase your baby's chances of being bitten by mosquitoes. If so, the baby is more likely to scratch the scalp, which can form a vicious circle.

In fact, the baby's hair is dirty, slow to wash the baby's hair, not only let the baby's scalp itch, bacterial infection, clog hair follicles, thus affecting scalp health, not conducive to baby hair growth and development.

Therefore, it is not recommended that parents shave their children's heads, even if they want to shave their children's heads, they should set aside at least 0.5-1 cm in length to protect the scalp.

Increase the risk of sunburn. Shaving your head seems to be designed to make your baby cooler, but in fact it's just the opposite. The hair itself has the function of helping to dissipate heat and adjust temperature, and shaving the head weakens this effect.

Increased risk of infection, shaved head, salt in the sweat directly stimulate the skin, the baby is easy to feel scalp itching, a sweat will unconsciously use the hand to scratch, once scratched also easy to cause bacterial infection. Give the baby shaved head points for attention it is best to give the boy a short haircut in summer, about 0.5 cm "board inch" is more appropriate.

My mother started with pregnancy and they had to take enough protein and vitamins during breastfeeding. Let the baby shave a flat head and its special function, not only shake the sun and heat dissipation effect in summer, but also have an important function to protect the skull. Hair itself has the function of helping to dissipate heat and adjust temperature, and shaving reduces this effect.

The kid shaved his head, okay?

1. If you often shave your baby's head. It is easy to let the baby's delicate scalp unprotected, may be scratched by the baby, easy to be infected by bacteria, and finally make the baby have hair loss.

2. It is better to shave your child's head when you are older, and it is more convenient to wash your hair.

3, easy sunburn after shaving the head, the baby's entire scalp is exposed, strong ultraviolet rays will easily sunburn the baby's scalp, it can be said that the loss outweighs the gain. Cold or long prickly heat hair itself has the effect of regulating body temperature, shaved head, do not pay attention to keep warm is easy to appear cold symptoms.

4. Hair actually has the function of heat dissipation and temperature regulation, so if you shave your baby's hair, it actually weakens the child's own heat dissipation, but has a bad effect. Sweating has hidden worries: although rubbing a bald head does temporarily feel cool and comfortable, it can help sweating to a certain extent.

5. Shaving the child's head actually weakens the heat dissipation function of the human body. After shaving the head, the child's head skin is exposed. If you do not pay attention to sunscreen when you go out, it is easy to cause brain damage and "solar radiation sickness" because of direct sunlight radiation.

6. Shaving your child's head, especially those under 1 year old, will actually do more harm than good. Parents should be cautious. 1: scratch the scalp, the baby's scalp is very delicate, poorly handled, there may be infection, inflammation 2: catch a cold, hair can maintain body temperature, the baby without hair is easy to catch cold.

What are the matters needing attention for a baby's haircut?

1. The custom of the baby's first haircut is as follows: to shave the baby's fetal hair for the first time, you must find an old master, which is the kind of respectable old man. It is best to shave your hair after a hundred days. There is such a custom in many places.

2. Wipe off the hair: a lot of broken hair will be lost in the haircut process. Before taking off the smock for the baby, gently sweep the baby's face, neck and ears with a sponge and sweep the broken hair away. Shower: after the baby has a haircut, a lot of hair crumbs will stick to the body and scalp, although it is good to give the baby a bath or shampoo, and then blow-dry, refreshing new hairstyle.

3. The length of the baby's haircut should be adjusted in 3~5min, and it doesn't have to be more than 10 minutes. The boy's hair is manipulated in 3~5mm, which can reasonably avoid the sun's damage to the head. The girl's hair does not need to exceed the size of 1P5 to prevent the hair from digesting and absorbing too many nutrients from the human body.

What is there to pay attention to shaving your head?

Hats, because bald heads will be afraid of the cold, ah, or dress up, need all kinds of hats. Although you don't need shampoo, you should always wash it with warm water. In summer, consider sunscreen, ah, if you stay outdoors for a long time.

Do not sunburn the scalp, often wipe the scalp with ginger slices. Take good care of your head even if it's shaved. In fact, I can wash my hair every morning when I wash my face. That's what I do.

If some girls must be shaved because of illness or related problems, it is beyond reproach. But what should we pay attention to? If you cut your bald head from sun exposure, your hair touches the sun a lot.

In general, barber shops can push their heads off, but very few people shave their heads. The difference between pushing and shaving is that the head is shaved with an electric fader, and the head is shaved with a razor.

Some babies may accumulate head dirt on their heads, and it is not suitable to shave their heads before cleaning them up. Mothers can soften their heads with baby oil and get a haircut after cleaning them quickly.