The basic classification of hairstyle design

The basic classification of hairstyle design
Jun 09, 2023admin

What are the types of curly hair

1. What are the types of curly hair? 1. Big wave is a popular curly style, which was first created by the classic Shanghai. Because the texture is like the waves of the sea, it is called big wave. Soft and ladylike, there is not only a light and elegant hairstyle outline, but also a charming visual impact.

2. The most common curls are braided perm, spiral perm, ceramic perm, air-inspired perm and big waves. Compared with black and straight, curly hair style adds a bright spot to the hairstyle and will not appear too dull. Different curls bring different temperament, and many girls like perm styling very much.

3. Types of curly hair-spiral perm, horn perm, diamond perm, ceramic perm, root perm, fiber perm, horn perm, air perm, braid perm, corn perm.

4. The spiral perm technology can fully reflect the perm effect of different styles, pay more attention to the combination of fashion and practicality, and maximize the performance brought by the perm technology to the hair salon. at the same time, it also provides a new design space for the hairstylist.

The basic composition of a hairstyle

The main results are as follows: 1. The structure of hairstyle is: hair (single body structure) type (upper and lower structure). The structure of the hairstyle is: hair (single structure) type (upper and lower structure). Pinyin is: fancix í ng. Part of speech is: noun. The phonetic alphabet is: Yun-Yi-Yi-Yi.

2. In other words, the whole hairstyle is composed of the shape of point, line and surface, that is to say, in the design and manufacture of hairstyle, it is designed according to the overall shape, the volume and mass of each local hair are allocated accordingly to complete the structure from the part to the whole.

3. The horizontal line is equipped with the cutting line parallel to the zoning line, and the shape of the hairstyle is parallel to the ground, with the length between the neck and the chin. This technique can create a classic BOB. The cutting line of A line is parallel to the zoning line, and the back is short and the front is long, which is A-Line-BOB.

Knowledge of hairstyle design

Solid hairstyle can be long or short, its lifting angle is 60 degrees, can be designed in the whole head, can also be designed in part, the trimmed outline can be divided into horizontal line, oblique front line, and oblique back line. The lifting angle determines the level and length of the hairstyle by raising the angle of the hair.

Hairstyle design is a comprehensive art, which involves a wide range of disciplines and has to be mastered. The main influences on hairstyle design are: head shape, face shape, facial features, figure, age, followed by occupation, skin color, clothing, personality hobbies, season, hair quality, applicability and the times.

Hairstyle design is a comprehensive art, which involves a wide range of disciplines. A successful hairstyle will reveal the advantages of the head and face of the design object and cover up its shortcomings. Excellent hairstyle can make people feel good about themselves and refresh others. It has both practical value and aesthetic taste.

Hair shows a person's personality, hairstyle is to make people's life happier. Insight, design, and continuous improvement of technology are interrelated. The type of perm is to perm one strand of hair into curls and keep the other strand straight. This perm method is called braiding perm.