The haircut chair won't turn. What's going on?

The haircut chair won't turn. What's going on?
Jun 20, 2023admin

What if the 360-degree suspension seat can't turn?

Contact after-sales. Online, online purchase first contact the store to apply for after-sales maintenance. Then the seats will be sent back to the manufacturer online and sent back to the store offline for after-sales maintenance. Finally, wait for the merchant to contact.

If there is a problem with the fixing nut or screw, send it for repair. Yige safety seat 360 rotation is always stuck because there is a problem with the fixing nut or screw, in this case, it should be sent to after-sales repair in time.

To solve the problem that the seat does not rotate, first push the headrest to the highest position, then press the central regulator button to release the shoulder straps, and then press the red button to open the seat belt buckle.

How to fix the trouble of rotating office chair? Office swivel chair maintenance experience sharing, learn not to worry! Office swivel chair maintenance-step 2 then delete the existing cylinder. First of all, apply pliers to the cylinder tube clamp of the chair, open the cylinder tube, then release the cylinder, and repeat the action until it falls off.

How can I fix the knife head of the electric push shears if it doesn't turn?

1. Lack of power, charge. The electric push shearing battery will stop automatically when it is fully charged with a protective device, and the battery will not break down after being charged for 24 hours.

2. Add lubricating oil to the blade. Change the blade. The use of electric fader: charging time. Just bought the electric hairdresser, you should pay attention to charge more than 12 hours, which is good for the battery. And if you do not use the barber for more than a month, you should charge the charger for more than 12 hours when you use it again.

3. This is an AC motor type electric push shear. It's heavy. The white one is the drive rod. I don't know if the motor works when you turn it on. If the motor works but the drive rod does not work, it is not installed or a small part is damaged.

4. I think you should see if it is because the wire inside is broken, if there is no normal wire line inside, if there is a problem, then it still cannot carry out a normal activity, and it is a kind of fault.

The barber chair can't fix the rotation. How to fix it?

1. It is impossible for the user to maintain personally and needs professional maintenance. The seat plate of the lift chair can be used for lifting, so that the lift chair can be freely adjusted according to different height and age, and can also be used in different ways according to different sitting posture and standing posture.

2. The hydraulic pressure is broken and useless. Let's change it. The essentials of choosing and buying swivel chairs are: the depth of the office chair is more formal, and the person's sitting posture is more upright. If you want to sit properly, you need to sit in a "shallow" position in front of the chair. If at home, people will be more relaxed, this situation can not be done deeper.

3. Office swivel chair maintenance-step 1 when doing office swivel chair maintenance, first put the office swivel chair on the horizontal ground and use a screwdriver or other tools to remove the base fixed under the seat. Next, place the office swivel chair gently on the ground, preferably with a soft solid next to it, to prevent tumbling.

Lift barber chair can not step down, can only lift up and down, how to do?

1. Align the chair and remove its base office swivel chair on a plane and make sure it is in a horizontal position. Remove the fastening clamp to the bottom of the seat and then take off the base. If the foundation of the bolt or nut is fixed, it can be loosened and removed with a suitable wrench. Check the indoor chair to see if it is damaged.

2. When the lift chair falls, people need to sit on the chair and then lift the joystick at the bottom of the chair surface upward, and the drop can be easily achieved by using the body weight. Freestyle air spring lift chair: it is relatively simple in structure, which consists of a closed cylinder, a piston in the cylinder and a piston rod extending to the outside.

3. The lift chair can not go up and down. It may be caused by the air leakage in the cylinder of the elevator. You can try dropping one or two drops of oil around the bleed button at the top of the cylinder to increase the tightness. If it doesn't work, there's nothing you can do about it. it can't be taken apart, and the spring inside will rise by itself.

4. The lifting chair can not be repaired, as follows: due to the damage of its lifting rod, it needs to be reinstalled. First stand the lift upside down on the ground, disassemble its bottom, then smash it along its edge with a hammer, break it, or break it if it cannot be broken.

5. Oil pressure, mechanical and air pressure. There may be three reasons why the lift chair cannot rise: the adjusting mechanism of the adjusting handle and connection is broken; the air pressure bar is broken; someone in the seat cannot get up under pressure, so the seat should be empty when rising and the weight should be carried when descending. If it is the first two cases, we have no choice but to find a businessman or manufacturer to repair it.