The harm of the speed of the hairdresser

The harm of the speed of the hairdresser
Jun 17, 2023admin

Does shaving with a barber fader make the beard grow too fast?

Using a razor will not make the beard grow fast or thick. Whether the hair is more or less, thick or thin, black or light, is determined by genes, and has nothing to do with cutting it or shaving it.

According to personal experience, shaving with a razor does grow faster and thicker, but not with an electric razor. The beard should be shaved, just because he is afraid of too much, he is only eighteen years old, and his beard looks old, lifeless and lifeless.

No, I won't. It is not entirely true that the more you shave, the faster you grow. The growth rate of the beard is related to the testosterone in the body, and the more exuberant it is, the faster it grows.

This is mainly due to the fact that when you first get up, after a night's rest, your reproductive function is exuberant and your beard grows fast. After 20 minutes to half an hour of consumption, the male body testosterone is not so exuberant, the growth rate of the beard slows down, at this time shaving, will not grow out quickly.

The growth rate of the beard is related to testosterone. The stronger the testosterone, the faster the beard grows, and vice versa. Shaving is not necessarily related to growing a beard, but the frequency of shaving often reflects a person's testosterone secretion. In a mature normal male, the beard grows at a rate of 0.5 mm per day.

Right! The blade of a manual razor touches the skin more closely, shaves the beard, and is faster and cleaner, which is why facial pores are stimulated more and more, making the beard shave faster and faster.

... As soon as you use the fader, you will tremble inexplicably, and you can't help it. Is there any clever way to prevent it?

Or make a psychological hint, implying that your fader is a massager, which will make you very comfortable and handsome.

Broken brick, tile: to say that the pedal basin is drained, the fader should be used most, it should be broken brick and tile, because it is easier to use, it is more convenient. Pick up a few pieces of broken brick or tile, then knock it down, put the cushion on the drain hole, and then add the cultivated soil to raise the flowers.

Avoid hedgehogs near the watermelon garden, it is recommended to lay sharp objects around the garden, such as barbed wire, pointed wooden stakes, etc., in order to prevent the invasion of hedgehogs, you can use lime, chili powder, peanut oil and other items to spray on the edge of the garden, hedgehogs are not interested in these tastes and can also play a driving role.

First, try not to pay attention to the fader and divert your attention when you have your hair cut, for example, by watching TV, listening to music and chatting; the second is to usually play with the fader, and you won't have that kind of fear of the fader over time.

Will a haircut with a flipper hurt the hair follicles?

1. The fader is good, so the haircut has a certain degree, and the blade scraping may hurt the skin.

2. Too high temperature of the fader head will lead to atrophy and even necrosis of cat hair follicles. The sound of pushing hair can cause tension in cats and easily cause urinary tract problems. Cats are prone to inferiority complex after shaving.

3. The main harm of baby shaving is skin infection. After the head skin is broken, bacteria can easily enter the body through the broken skin, resulting in skin infection, inflammation, itching, pain and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Why is the domestic hairdresser (electric pusher) easy to clip hair?

1. It's because I haven't maintained the hair clipper for too long. The hairdresser must be lubricated and maintained, otherwise the knife head will be worn and the hair will be clipped. There are two types of hair clipper lubricating oil: mineral oil and synthetic oil. Electric hairdresser has higher requirements for lubricating oil and must use fully synthetic lubricating oil.

2. The hair clipper should be cleaned frequently and maintained with lubricating oil, otherwise the knife head will rust and clip the hair. Electric hair clipper must pay attention to maintenance, to put it simply: cleaning + drying + dripping oil. There are two types of hair clipper lubricants: mineral oil and synthetic oil. Complete oil has excellent performance, clear and transparent, durable, tasteless, and does not thicken in winter.

3. If it takes a long time, it is possible that the power is insufficient, the battery is dead, the speed of the motor itself cannot reach, and the knife head is blunt.