To do your own hairstyle.

To do your own hairstyle.
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How to cut your own hair at home

How to cut your hair at home. How do you cut your hair at home? Grab a bunch of hair. Choose the length you want to keep. Use a shredded haircut to cut your hair irregularly in this area (otherwise it will be very neat. Depending on your intention) cut the other parts in the same way.

Hairdresser: the most critical tool in haircut, the purchase of a family-specific hairdresser has become one of the necessary standard equipment for many emerging home care appliances. Comb: comb your hair in the process of getting a haircut, usually with a haircut. Barber clip: in the haircut process, clip the part of the hair that does not need to be trimmed temporarily.

Psychological preparation: it is not difficult to cut your own hair, it is not difficult, after you find the right method, you need patience and time, the first haircut will take nearly 2 hours, make sure the action is slow, take your time. Tool preparation: first prepare the electric razor (recommended oil head electric push shears, that is, there is a lever that can adjust the length, which is more convenient.

When you get a haircut at home, the direction of the haircut can be changed at any time according to different needs. Generally, you can get a clean haircut against the direction of the hair, and cut it naturally along the direction of the hair. You can use a limiter when you have your own haircut at home to avoid haircuts of different lengths.

When a woman cuts her own hair at home, she must first have hair cutting tools, scissors, mirrors and two mirrors.

How to teach your own haircut

1. Buy a power generation push shears (businesses usually send supporting tools such as positioning combs, combs, cloth, etc.). You can buy them at physical stores or online, with prices ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan.

2. If you don't go out, your hair will grow. How can you cut your hair? What skills do you need to cut your own hair? After the hair is blown dry, apply hair wax. Just tidy up your styling. This three-sided short haircut is done. At the beginning of my own haircut, the hardest part is the fader app, which requires practice to make perfect.

3. If you have long hair, you should first partition your hair with a clip, face the mirror, shave it from the sideburns and operate it vertically with an electric razor. Pay attention to constantly switching the caliper thickness of the clipper, and it is recommended to increase it from bottom to top.

4. First of all, fix the hair section with a hairpin, as shown in the following picture. Then, use a hairdresser to repair the sideburns, as shown in the image below. To the back, as shown in the following figure. After the repair is completed, shave off the miscellaneous hairs next to your hair with a razor, as shown in the following picture.

5. Before you start cutting your own hair, you need to prepare some tools. First of all, you need a pair of scissors, it is recommended to use professional hair scissors, because they are sharper and easier to cut hair. Second, you need a big mirror and a small mirror to look at your hair from different angles.

6. How to cut the 3mm length directly on the side and back of the head, pay attention to leave a part of the hair between the side, the back of the head and the top of the head, and do not touch it. This part of the hair is finally trimmed to ensure the transition between the two parts of the hair. Pay attention to pressing the scalp and push it several times to prevent long hair from remaining.

I want to make my own big wavy curls, disposable, what to do, what tools I need

1. Wet your hair. You can first wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, or you can spray water directly to wet your hair, but don't let it drip. Smear curly hair condensation. Apply curly hair to the hair from the root to the tip of the hair to help fix the curly shape when the hair is dry. Split the hair in two from the middle.

2. You only need a curling stick and hair wax to make your own disposable curly hair. Follow the following five steps: first, partition the hair. As shown in the figure, the curly hair starts from the lower layer, and the upper one is clamped with a clip. Second: start curling from both sides of the cheek and roll it twice.

3. This action should also be combined with a sharp-tailed comb, which is used to sort out the scattered hair, from the new comb to the burr of the round comb. Each piece of hair can repeat the above action about 2 to 3 times until the hair film achieves the desired effect.