What are the brands of hair salon hairdressing tools

What are the brands of hair salon hairdressing tools
Jun 18, 2023admin

When buying curling sticks, you should pay attention to what kind of curling sticks and what brands recommend them.

Brands with good curling sticks are: VS Sassoon, Dyson Dyson, PHILIPS Philips, Panasonic Panasonic, Kangfu CONFU. VS Sassoon: the Sassoon brand will, as always, be committed to product innovation, providing more high-quality hairdressing products and pioneering fashion trends, hoping to help everyone who pursues fashion.

Curling stick brand-UnixUCI-B2504CH Mini Curling Bar this curling stick features a compact mini that you can take with you when you are on business or travel. In terms of color, purple, pink and other bright tones, each use will bring a good mood.

Lena comes from China and is a popular curling stick brand in China. Like lenaLN-502, is a straight curl dual-purpose curling stick, mainly two functions are convenient, 10 seconds can make beautiful hair.

Ten famous brands of electric scissors hair clipper

1. Riwei: Ningbo Riwei Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of electric push shears, which began in 1991, is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of personal care products such as razors, hair dryers, hair combs, shavers, electric shears, irons and ironing machines, as well as professional hairdressing appliances.

2, real man brand introduction: Ningbo Zhenhe Group Co., Ltd., real man Trueman, razor ten brands, electric push shears-hairdresser ten brands, Zhejiang famous trademark, domestic well-known personal care product manufacturer, set beauty salon small home appliance research and development, manufacturing, sales, hotel operation, real estate development group company.

3. Feike, founded in 1999, is an enterprise integrating the R & D, manufacture and sales of razors and personal care appliances, including razors, hair dryers, hair clippers, hair straighteners, curlers, electric irons and so on. It is deeply loved by consumers because of its good quality, beautiful appearance and good service.

4. Feike FLYCO Feike Electric Appliance was founded in 1999, and now it has become an enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales of razor and personal care appliances with "R & D design" and "brand operation" as its core competitiveness.

5. Wall WAHL: Wal push and cut Company of the United States, the top ten brands of electric push and cut, was founded in 1919, a famous brand in the United States. Ningbo is a well-known trademark, the most famous multinational manufacturer of hairdressing and beauty appliances in the world, and the largest manufacturer of all kinds of beauty care tools in the world.

Which brand of curlers are good? how to choose and buy them?

According to the material of the curler, the whole hair mode and other factors, the better brands of curlers are Philips PHILIPS, Feike FLYCO, Panasonic Panasonic and Sassoon VS.

Small and portable, Panasonic's curling stick is small and convenient and can be carried with you. It is easy to use, can also be held with one hand, is easy to clamp, and has good closure. There is also automatic transformer function, even if overseas travel or business trip also has no pressure. However, the rod body is a little short and the diameter is not large, so it is suitable for medium and short hair.

Which brand is good for curling sticks? 1. Lena curling stick plant protein coating, reduce hair damage, pink appearance, plum blossom-shaped stomata, flower-shaped stick to reduce hair heating area. There is also a plant protein coating that has a protective effect on hair.