What are the common hairstyles for boys when they go to the barber shop?

What are the common hairstyles for boys when they go to the barber shop?
Jun 10, 2023admin

What kinds of hair do boys have?

1. Board-inch hairstyle: the most common hairstyle for boys is the flat-inch hairstyle, which evolved from a flat haircut, with a hair length of only 1 to 3 centimeters, but the shape can also be changed a lot, not as neat as a haircut.

2, what are the types of perms for boys, which are the most common, and the types of perms for men's hairstyles, first of all, according to the degree of curl, it can be divided into large rolls (texture perm, shape perm), medium roll (positioning perm, electric rod perm), small roll (fireworks perm, spiral perm), burst roll (tin paper perm, reggae perm).

3. Korean perm has its own refreshing effect, which is very suitable for young boys to try. Although the color of dyeing hair is not bright, it is full of youthful vitality.

4, texture perm (including perm and cold perm) it is now one of the most popular perms for boys, the advantage is that the texture is very strong, after the perm will appear super texture, and the hairstyle will be very fluffy very natural, almost not face-picking and hair quality of a perm, but also the most popular one.

Boys should not just "cut it a little short". These five hairstyles are sunny and handsome, showing fashion male style.

Boys with M-shaped hairlines are also suitable for keeping their hair slightly longer in the top area, and then turning it into a sharp, forward-looking effect. The side position is engraved with an arc notch, which looks particularly domineering and looks tough and handsome.

The above short hair, first cut all the hair, the top area of the hair naturally combed up and blown dry, both sides with different lengths of push cover, the hair cut out a gradual effect, looks particularly refreshing and charming, sunny and handsome. Boys in their twenties should not indulge in "pot cover". The above five hairstyles are very sunny and show handsome and fashionable male style.

It is recommended that we try this hedgehog hairstyle, first of all, cut the hair very short, and the hair length of the two sides and the parietal area is slightly different. The hair on the top of the head, then need to use hair wax to grasp the shape, catch the hair forward prick effect, it looks very overbearing personality, but also shows the boys' tough and handsome.

What kind of haircut is suitable for boys?

1. You can choose to be suitable for Qi bangs or flat bangs and mushroom head, etc., which all look good, and then dye a handsome hair color, which looks even better.

2. Young boys can try to cut this broken hairstyle, especially natural. Shovel the two sides of the hair clean, the middle hair a little longer, we can perm the hair a little bit, so that the shape will look better. The bangs are cut up and thinned, which makes them look very handsome and light.

3, Qi bangs wave head this even bangs short hair wave head for the little boy, is very clever, neat bangs look very cute, and short straight hair is very good-looking, it is going to be cute.

4. In daily life, most round-faced boys like to cut their hair, or round hair. In fact, there is a more fashionable choice, that is, the appearance of "loose bangs", which matches the temperament of young people and looks very refreshing and handsome.

5, short cover hairstyle pot cover hairstyle for boys will not only seem childish, but also very muggy, if you do not want to expose all your forehead, then you can try the above short cover hairstyle.

6. Compared with the flat-inch hairstyle, the hair of the Mao-inch hairstyle is much longer, but it is still short, and the hair shape that is lifted and pulled upward creates a sense of spiritual vitality and infinite sunshine, which is very suitable for sunshine boys.

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