What kind of project should I do in the hairdresser's?

What kind of project should I do in the hairdresser's?
Jun 15, 2023admin

The most attractive Barber Shop event

1. The number of sales promotion is a change of the most regular sales promotion in the hair salon, which is a kind of incidental promotion after customer consumption, which makes customers feel that there are more concessions and can stabilize the people who are about to become regular customers of the hair salon.

2. Launch a series of shampoo products, because many people think that the shampoo and conditioner in the shampoo shop are better. 4. Recruit two prettier or more handsome doormen to stop at the door of the store, which will certainly attract a lot of boys and girls.

3. For the whole family hairdressing package, each of us needs a haircut and hair care, so the barber shop can launch a family hairdressing package to let parents bring their own children to get a haircut, and the hairdresser can also let the barber design some mother-daughter hairstyles, or father-son hairstyles, to stimulate the desire of the whole family to get a haircut together.

4. Conduct activities to attract customers! First of all, according to the criteria for customers to choose a hair salon, the activities of the salon at the beginning of its opening should be carried out around the following points: 1. Our customers are around us, but they don't know us.

The hair is irritable and dry, what can you do to improve it when you go to the barber shop?

If your hair is a little irritable, it is recommended that you take care of your hair before you go to the hairdresser. You can use a hair mask or conditioner to repair hair to enhance the moisturizing and repairing ability of your hair. At the same time, you can also try to use some moisturizing styling products to help improve the hair irritability.

Evaporation maintenance, inject a lot of nutrition to do evaporation maintenance twice a week, wrap the hair with a towel and use the heat inside to quickly absorb the nutrition into the scalp and hair, the hair will become very bright after being blown dry.

Dry hair naturally curly friends can go to the barber shop to do nutrition, will improve, will feel that the hair is not so bad, need to be done a few more times, the hair will look nutritious. About 50, 80, 120 at a time, depending on what product.

Hair irritability can go to the barber shop to do care and nourishment, protein filling long-term care, and so on. If the hair is often irritable, it is recommended to go to the barbershop to cut off the irreparable hair and nurse and nourish the rest of the damaged hair.

Evaporate maintenance, inject a lot of nutrition. Do evaporation maintenance twice a week, wrap the hair with a towel and use the heat inside to quickly absorb nutrients into the scalp and hair. after the hair is blown dry, the hair will become very bright.

What other industry items are attached to the barber shop?

1. Hairdressing project haircut is one of the necessary items in every hairdresser, which can make the hair shorter and thinner through pruning. Perm is a hairdressing method, divided into physical perm and chemical perm, now the most used is chemical perm.

2. The business scope of the barber shop haircut usually refers to the basic hair care, and the beautification of the hair is called hairdressing. In addition to haircuts, barber shops can also provide services such as shampoo, hair blowing, hair dyeing, perm (also known as electric hair), T-shirt styling, and head massage.

3. Shave, also known as shaving. This is a process of getting a man's hair cut. After washing your hair, seize the opportunity to get wet on your face and shave the hair and beard off your face with a razor. A breeze. This is the last step in the hairdressing process. By blowing the washed hair dry, and make a variety of hairstyles, play a styling role. I have a perm.

4. Perm. Beauty salon company business scope reference 3: beauty, haircut; technical services. (enterprises independently choose business projects and carry out business activities according to law; projects that must be approved according to law shall carry out business activities in accordance with the approved contents after approval by relevant departments; they shall not engage in business activities of projects prohibited or restricted by industrial policies in this area.

5. Consider appropriate entrepreneurial projects. For example, whether you want to engage in catering industry, clothing industry, Internet industry, education industry or other industries; whether to start a business in the form of joining, or to operate independently; whether to operate an online store or a brick-and-mortar store. At the same time, we should also consider whether the entrepreneurial project you choose has development prospects and whether it can be profitable.