What should a novice barber pay attention to?

What should a novice barber pay attention to?
Jun 05, 2023admin

What do you need to pay attention to when you are just learning to get a haircut?

1, precautions: do not give up easily, the hairdressing industry is very fast, as long as the heart to cultivate interest, progress is very fast. With a simple toolbox before you start, you don't need too many tools: strip scissors + tooth scissors, electric push scissors, combs, cloth, sprinklers, which is the easiest configuration to learn hairdressing.

2. Including. Be careful not to give customers a short haircut. Like. Long becomes shorter. She can't accept some customers. Be sure to communicate with customers in advance. In fact, do the beauty industry and do the technology. The most important thing is to communicate. You must communicate with customers more often and then operate. Including a haircut, perm and dye. Floating hair to receive hair.

3, the sense of balance is very important, the haircut gesture should be correct, determine the position of each face and the angle and length taken.

What should beginners with no experience and foundation pay attention to if they want to cut their own hair?

First of all, pay attention to safety, do not hurt their own scalp. Then pay attention to beauty, try to avoid a large area of shaving, but to trim bit by bit, as beautiful as possible.

The easiest way is to cut your hair when your hair is wet, raise your head, comb your hair and cut straight lines. This method is especially suitable for people with sparse hair. Tip 5: cut less each scissors and don't try to cut them all at once. Each time you cut it a little shorter than you think. Keep a little hair to keep your balance.

Pay attention to the choice of more practical exercises in the learning process, during the learning period, it is necessary to summarize the feelings in the practical operation, as well as the feelings of the guests, to enhance personal practical experience. Combine what you are interested in, learn more about the latest hairdressing knowledge and information.

What should you pay attention to when you learn to have a haircut? First of all, if you want to learn how to get a haircut. Generally speaking, when you go to a professional and regular school to study, the teacher will teach you and so on.

As an apprentice in a barbershop, all you need to do is to help open the door and express a warm welcome when the customer comes. Then ask the customer about their needs, introduce them to the store's special offers or sometimes need to sell some services.

What should I pay attention to when I am an apprentice in a barbershop?

Be careful to charge the hair clipper in advance. When using a hair clipper, it should be fully charged. If you buy a new hair clipper, you should charge it for more than 12 hours, which is good for the battery. In normal use, the hairdresser should be charged for at least 8 hours. Pay attention to a haircut where there is plenty of light.

Apprentice, be good in your mouth, live in your eyes, be diligent in your legs and quick in your hands. Because the work of the hair salon is very mechanical and piecemeal, do it or not, maybe no one can see it, but if you do it, you will have a good impression. If you do not do it, some people will think that you are lazy and will stop even if you want to teach you skills.

Do not wait for someone to assign to do, passive; legs fast, want you to do, to be fast, do not be coy, dillydillydally. Although it is very difficult to really do it in just eight words, as long as you try your best to do it, I believe everyone will like you, help you, and be happy to teach you skills.