What's the difference between a haircut and a hairstyle?

What's the difference between a haircut and a hairstyle?
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What's the difference between a hairstyle and a hairstyle?

There is a big difference, hairstyle is for hair, while styling is for the whole body, including clothing, shoes, hairstyle, makeup and so on. So the stylist is much more advanced than the hairdresser, and the difficulty is also very high.

Hair form the shape of hair is one of the traditional bases for ethnic classification. The length, color and hairstyle of hair can be observed by the naked eye, generally divided into five types, namely, straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, woolly curly hair and small spiral hair.

In theory, hairstyle and hairstyle are not the same concept. The so-called head shape is explained in the textbook as follows: the inner outline of the hairstyle, the outer outline of the skull, this is the head shape. In other words, the head shape is the outline of the skull. Head shape, which is basically determined by genetics, cannot be changed.

Head classification of head type

The shape of a person's head is so large that it can be divided into several types, such as big, small, long, sharp, round, etc.

Hairstyles, both male and female, are generally divided into three types: short hair, medium hair and long hair. if you are more detailed, there are bald and ultra-long hair, this is a special case. Then, on the basis of the overall three hairstyles, there are two differences, that is, one is straight hair, the other is curly hair.

Inch head, positioning hot, texture hot, Moxi dry and so on. If the classification of male hairstyles is further detailed, it also includes back head, plane head, short broken hair, 346 and middle points, and so on. Back hairstyle can be divided into oily back hairstyle, casual back hairstyle; and side division back head, it is the back head to do side division design.

The round face type is the so-called "broad heart and fat body". People with round heads are born optimists. they are pistachios in the eyes of friends, good children in the eyes of parents, peacemakers in the eyes of colleagues, and lovely partners in the eyes of lovers. Is always positive and sunny kind of person.

What's the difference between short hair and long hair for girls?

Long hair can easily change a lot of fashionable hairstyles. And men like girls with long hair still account for a very large proportion. Short hair, it looks more lively, more lean, of course, the above are all emitted by personal temperament.

In real life, girls keep long hair or short hair, mainly depends on their own aesthetic and face shape, as long as the hair looks good, long hair short hair are the same, but short hair in the temperament is more difficult to control. In the eyes of boys, there are only two kinds of girls, one is good-looking, the other is not good-looking, long hair or short hair are considered.

In short, it is more painful for lazy people to have long hair. Second, it is troublesome to take care of, unless you like to wear a ponytail, otherwise, if it is a long hair shawl, you do not straighten it, then you may become Mei Chaofeng inexplicably.

Girls with short hair are more capable, while girls with long hair are more gentle. I think girls with short hair will give people a sense of ability or gender style, but girls with long hair will give people a soft and gentle feeling of "quiet years".

The biggest thing about short hair compared with long hair is that it is refreshing and easy to take care of. And long hair is usually prone to bifurcation and dry tail, short hair will not, it will give people the impression that your hair is of good quality and has a beautiful hair. The time for washing and blowing your hair is also greatly shortened, and it is more convenient to climb mountains and wade when you travel.

In the eyes of many boys, there is an essential difference between girls' long hair and short hair. Although it looks like the same girl, different hair lengths do affect our temperament. And most boys also have a long hair plot, that is, they are more interested in girls with long hair and are more likely to be tempted.

What's the difference between the previous hairstyle and the modern hairstyle? Which one do you like better?

1. The hair period of the ancient ancestors; the braided hair period from the invention of textile technology to the Spring and Autumn and warring States period; the bun period from the warring States period to the Ming and Qing dynasties.

2. Before the Republic of China, men in ancient times had long hair, but the difference was that people before the Qing Dynasty wore their hair in a bun, while the Qing Dynasty had braided hair, but it was certain that they had long hair. Most modern men have short hair.

3. The hairstyle is a bit similar to the modern greasy hairstyle, but it still highlights the sense of age when it comes to the eyes. In the 1950s and 1960s, when the people's Republic of China was in ruins and waiting for prosperity, the young people were full of passion for striving for socialism.

4. The last hairstyle is a greasy head, and this hairstyle is also short, which makes people feel very neat and stylish. In many movies and TV dramas, short hair gives people a very rigid feeling, but this short hair is different and will not give people a greasy feeling. Instead, it gives you a strong aura, which is suitable for strong women.