What's the life of a barber like?

What's the life of a barber like?
Jun 05, 2023admin

As a barber who has been working for more than ten years, where and how to go in the future? _ Baidu.

The future prospects of practitioners are considerable, but they will also develop towards high education and high income, because the hairdressing industry is in line with international professional knowledge, and most of the hairdressing materials are in English, which hairdressers do not understand at all and only stay in the stage of watching and imitating.

There is no need to engage in front-line hairdressing work, including bosses and educators.

Go to the direction you want, the direction of your own heart, the future road is your own, although lost, but you do need to find your own direction, you can not follow in the footsteps of others.

How about working in a barbershop? is it fun?

Moreover, the working environment of the barber is relatively leisurely. Some music will be played in the store, and everyone can complete their tasks in the process of chatting. Basically, it is relatively relaxed and comfortable, without too much pressure, if you are your own shopkeeper, it will be easier.

There is nothing wrong with shampoo in a barber shop. It just depends on the purpose of shampoo in the barber shop. Is it just a job, or do you want to learn hairdressing skills by washing your hair?

Nowadays, hair salons are becoming more and more luxurious and look as good as possible. people go to hair salons hoping to make a good spa of their scalp and do a beautiful hairstyle. But I didn't think about their hard work.

I feel that the work in this industry is really very professional, and many people are very mobile. Some barber shops are different every time they go to the barber. Haircutting is a craft, not only by technology, but also by word of mouth.

How does a barber work?

The work of a barber is relatively hard, accounting for more than ten hours a day. The main work of a barber is to have a haircut, shave, dye, oil, shave and so on.

According to the requirements of head shape, face shape, body shape, hair quality, age and occupation, hairdressers use hairdressing tools and supplies in hairdressing parlors to carry out hair care, hair design, make-up and production.

Hairdresser job description active and enthusiastic service hairdressing work is a direct face-to-face customer service, which is a comprehensive service work with the combination of technology and service. Therefore, there are four things that must be done in our work: first, we must take the initiative to treat guests, that is, to take the initiative to say hello, to solicit opinions, and to take the initiative to see off guests.

With a sincere attitude, communicate with customers rationally and grasp the internal needs of customers. With the concept of service, pay attention to self-cultivation, and improve personal hairdressing skills. Responsible for hairdressing tools, product supplement, cleaning, disinfection and other work, to provide customers with a clean and comfortable service environment.