Why can't the hairdresser be cleaned with alcohol?

Why can't the hairdresser be cleaned with alcohol?
Jun 23, 2023admin

How can I fix the knife head of the electric push shears if it doesn't turn?

1. Lack of power, charge. The electric push shearing battery will stop automatically when it is fully charged with a protective device, and the battery will not break down after being charged for 24 hours.

2. Add lubricating oil to the blade. Change the blade. The use of electric fader: charging time. Just bought the electric hairdresser, you should pay attention to charge more than 12 hours, which is good for the battery. And if you do not use the barber for more than a month, you should charge the charger for more than 12 hours when you use it again.

3. This is an AC motor type electric push shear. It's heavy. The white one is the drive rod. I don't know if the motor works when you turn it on. If the motor works but the drive rod does not work, it is not installed or a small part is damaged.

4. I think you should see if it is because the wire inside is broken, if there is no normal wire line inside, if there is a problem, then it still cannot carry out a normal activity, and it is a kind of fault.

5. (1) when the electromagnetic vibrating electric push shear produces greater vibration and noise, the Yuanbao-shaped screw is loosened and the fault is expected to be eliminated. In addition, need to check the tightness of the pressure blade screw, the screw is too loose, easy to produce vibration and noise, and can not cut the hair. The screw is too tight to quiver easily.

How to clean Feike electric hairdresser fc+5808?

Clean up the hair crumbs, some can be washed, dry and drip into the oil. The speed of the electric hair clipper is fast and the requirement for lubricating oil is high. Electric hair cutters should use fully synthetic hair clipper lubricants. At present, the best products are the fully synthetic hair clipper lubricants of Hutou hotolube and Kruber kluber.

If you give your baby a haircut at home, it is very important to buy a suitable baby hairdresser first, the noise is very low or it is a silent haircut, the fear of the baby is eliminated and the blade will not be in direct contact with the baby's skin. the length of the haircut can be controlled by its own accessories.

The function is different. FC5808 has a haircut function, FC5806 does not have a haircut function. FC5808 can work under 60Hz, but not FC5806.

First, press the prominent button on the razor head to release the clasp and eject the top cover. After the top cover is released, separate the top cover from the main body of the razor, and then use the attached small brush to brush off the debris of the connecting part of the main body and the top cover.

Take it apart, scrub it with an old toothbrush in soapy water, then rinse with clean water. After drying, put it back.

Does Panasonic children's hairdresser work well? How should Panasonic children's hair clipper be used?

Personally, I feel that this children's hairdresser is still good, can take good care of children's hair and scalp, will not be injured, but also easy to operate.

Panasonic hairdresser which good Panasonic (Panasonic) ER353A children's hairdresser, the price of 189 yuan, suitable for 4-10-year-old children to use, the hairdresser is also equipped with short hair accessories, can cut thin hair, can also cut beautiful bangs.

Panasonic children's hairdresser er504 is very good, very practical, there are different blades, you can choose to keep the hair a little shorter or longer, very easy to use, I cut my baby's hair by myself. I bought the Panasonic hairdresser, ER3300, suitable for shaved head, very clean, low noise.

Can easily cut a child's hair. Children's hair clipper good mute effect parents can take advantage of the child's sleep, personally cut the baby's hair, no longer have to worry about the baby crying. The safety performance is good because it has a positioning comb, which is very suitable for inexperienced parents.

Baby hairdresser kind of good must choose the quality is trustworthy. The poor quality hairdresser is easy to get stuck in the baby's hair for a long time, which is very dangerous, so it is the first important to identify the brand of the baby hairdresser. We should pay attention to the appearance of the hairdresser.

When it comes to which brand of baby hairdresser is good, many people will choose Panasonic.