Why does the barber shop use scissors oil in blue bottles?

Why does the barber shop use scissors oil in blue bottles?
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Why flat scissors need refueling before they can be used

1. If the knife is wet or not commonly used, it should be oiled, either lard or vegetable oil. Wipe it evenly with a dry paper towel, mainly by isolating the air and preventing rust. Spray lubricating oil is the best for oiling. By spraying the nozzle nozzle at the tool pivot part, you can oil the nozzle at the gap at the junction of the blade and the handle.

2. So we dare not let someone grind outside. If you have an "oilstone", it is best to have the most delicate oilstone. Don't add water when grinding, only refuel. (it is best to add white oil, commonly known as car oil) or peanut oil. If it is a big scissors, you must remove both sides to grind it. (made of two pieces of scissors) can only grind which side of the slant.

3. The function of mineral oil is to form a protective film on the seam and surface of scissors to prevent oxidation and corrosion and prolong the service life of scissors. Because the mineral oil is transparent, if the scissors oil does not add other dye colors, then the barber can not see where to smear and wipe clean, affecting efficiency and customer experience.

4. The electric scissors for fruit tree pruning are in the connecting position of the electric scissors, and its adjusting knob can be lubricated with proper oil to ensure a quick and quick way to use the scissors.

5. Then, scrub the rust spots with a toothbrush. After a while, you will find that the rust on the scissors is gone and becomes very clean. Finally, we wipe it with a dishcloth to dry the water stains. Now the scissors become very sharp, we use scissors to cut thick wire, we will find that scissors become sharp, soon cut the thick line.

6. (3) the blades on the electric push shears should be oiled frequently, otherwise the upper and lower blades will become hot and can not vibrate. If the user does not understand this point, when producing this phenomenon, he still mistakenly thinks that the push shear is bad, and looking for the reason elsewhere will damage the electric push shear instead.

Hairdressing professional scissors

External structure of hairdressing scissors: the structure of hairdressing scissors is very simple, which is basically composed of two blades with moving blade and static blade plus screws and mufflers, and includes connecting rod, finger ring, tail cutting, screw gasket, bearing, plastic gasket, positioning pressure spring and so on.

The professional hairdressing scissors under Fuji Co., Ltd. are marked by the image of Mount Fuji. The scissors are made by hand throughout the process and are polished by hand. Each Fuji scissors goes through 22 processes and is carefully crafted by hand.

The better brands of haircut scissors are: Zhang Koizumi, Chu blacksmith, Xuan Bird, Jungle Leopard, Edward. Zhang Koizumi's haircut scissors are of very good quality and are very heavy in his hand. Relatively easy to operate, but also very sharp, feel very good. The appearance is also good-looking, relatively low, and resistant to dirt.

Slippery scissors, also known as willow leaf scissors and fat scissors, can be used as a way to remove hair, and can also be used to deal with the direction of texture. it is often used in Japanese-style cutting, and it is one of the necessary hairdressing scissors for hairstylists. Classic minimalist series of slippery shears, the appearance is atmospheric and exquisite.

The brand was established in 2012 and belongs to Zhangjiagang Haoyang hair Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang Yishida Trading Co., Ltd. is a wholesale company specializing in the production and distribution of hairdressing scissors, pet scissors, hairdressing scissors, electric push scissors, hairdressing products and so on. The variety is complete, the style is novel, the price is reasonable.

Haircut scissors this thing is very professional, do not care about the size of your palm feel, the size and style of scissors have its specific role; to buy it in a professional store, the store generally has a recommendation; of course, in the case of the same size and style, what to consider is the feel, not the lighter the better, the most important thing is to suit yourself.

How to maintain hairdressing scissors? Gods, help.

1. Add some sewing oil when you have time (industrial sewing oil is the best, and now the so-called special oil for scissors is this) the most important point is: never cut unwashed hair! Dust in the air will stick to the hair, and it will hurt the blade if it is not washed.

2. Let's first take out the scissors that have been used for a long time at home. These scissors are very blunt and passivated, so it is very difficult to cut even the plastic film, let alone cut meat or bones with scissors. So these scissors need to be maintained.

3, the maintenance of hair scissors need to pay attention to the following points: the correct use of scissors (do not cut hair other than the material). Avoid falling and collision when in use. If it happens accidentally, please check it immediately and do not use it continuously. Reducing the number of empty shears is beneficial to prolong the service life of scissors.

Which oil is the scissors oil?

1. Lubricating oil for electric push shears, hair clippers, scissors, razors and other products to reduce noise and rust prevention greatly prolong the service life of push shears: 15ml can be used about 10-20 times, if push shears are often used, you can buy more bottles.

2. There are two kinds of antirust oil which are more suitable for cutting tools, soft film thin layer oil and lubricating thin layer oil. Soft film thin layer oil, can achieve the final film without oil feeling, film formation of less than 10 microns, many export hardware use.

3, can not drive the chain oil, because the chain oil is engine oil, relatively thick, and particularly easy to stick to other substances, very dirty. You can use sewing machine stains and transformer oil, which is clean and easy to use. These two kinds of oil are easy to find. Sewing machine oil can be sold in general hardware stores, and it is a small bottle with a pointed tip.

4. Because the mineral oil is transparent, if the scissors oil does not add other dye colors, then the barber can not see the smear location and wipe the clean place, affecting efficiency and customer experience. So the blue bottle of scissors oil is one of the indispensable tools for hairdressers.