4 Salon and Spa Tips to Help Your Business during COVID-19

Nationwide lockdowns—in response to the surge of coronavirus—impacted all industries this year. While citizens could still access to essential services, non-essential businesses suffered from severe losses due to immediate shutdowns. Since salons and other beauty services come under non-essential services, they underwent profound financial and infrastructural impacts of the pandemic. Although the beauty industry usually …

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How COVID-19 is changing the beauty world

The global beauty industry, which includes skincare, make-up, hair care, perfumes, and personal care, is shocked by the COVID-19 crisis. Sales in the first quarter have been weak and stores have generally closed.   The industry responded positively to the crisis, with the brand switching its production plant to produce hand sanitizers and detergents and …

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Tadalon Salon Supplier has been in business since 2020 and has grown into a leading supplier of professional hair care products. We offer a wide variety of top brands at affordable prices.

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