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tasalon standing hooded hair dryer

TASALON Top1 Hooded Dryer Professional Adjustable Standing Hooded Hair Dryer

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Tasalon has released a reliable stand up hooded dryer that will help you create a perfect hairdo even without visiting the beauty salon.

√ Smooth Swivel Ionic Dryer
√ Adjustable temperature settings
√ Rolling base for easy moving
√ Powerful but quiet
√ Very easy essemble
√ Sturdy and stable

Note: click to download Standing Hair Dryer Instruction Manual




Tasalon adjustble standing hooded hooded dryer is equipped with ionic generator switch and 3 temperature settings–cool, low heat, high heat.

The removable airflow vent and a filterable air intake grill dry out your hair quickly and easily.

This standing salon hair dryer goes off when lifting the shield, saving energy and preventing accidents when not in use.

Large adjustable hair dryer hood can easily fit even large hair rollers, easily realizing hair drying, hair modeling, hair coloring, hair conditioning, hair treatment, hot perm and spot-caring.


Standing Hooded Dryer Features:

✔SMOOTH SWIVEL HOOD:This professional stand up dryer utilizes hair-resistant technology and is equipped with smooth swivel casters for functionality and comfort during hair drying and hair treatments.

✔ ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: The ionic generator switch emits millions of ions for efficient hair drying. Select from 3 temperature settings, Cool, Low Heat, or High Heat to model your hair.

✔ ROLLING BASE FOR EASY MOVEMENT: This overhead dryer for hair features a convenient height-adjustable stand with 9ft cord clips and is easy to carry around on the smooth-rolling base.


Hooded Dryer Specification

Size: 55×25.2×25.2 Inch
Weight: 4.5kg/9.9lb
Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 16 x 16 x 16 inches
Package Weight: 14 Pounds

Standing Hair Dryer Replacement Parts

Vertical hair dryers are assembled from multiple replaceable parts, and you can assemble a professional ionic vertical hood hair dryer at home

Are you tired to hold the traditional hairdryer with your hand to dry your hair for at least 20 minutes a time?

Now standing hair hood dryer comes to release your hand and save your time. You could read books or play on mobile phones during the time to dry your hair.

It’s easy to assemble and smooth to roll the wheels, supporting height adjustable and 3 temperature settings.

Tasalon standing hairdryer is embedded with Ionic setting, which allows silky and glossy hair after drying.

Come and discover more benefits about the Tasalon standing hairdryer!

Best hooded dryer to set your hair like a pro

Create your own salon-level experience at home using one of the beautiful tools produced by Tasalon.

Most people associate hooded dryers with hair salons in the 40s and 50s. Vintage plastic domes were used to dry and set up many of the fashionable ‘dos of men and dolls, but they were retired when handheld hair dryers became mainstream in the ’60s. Now, retro design has been resurrected, and for good reason.

hooded dryer

Today’s hooded dryers, also known as bonnet dryers, release heat evenly without blowing air violently around the strands. This greatly reduces the risk of terrible frizz.

They’re perfect for setting up a variety of male and female hairstyles – not just pin curls – and require little care. They can also sit comfortably overhead, meaning your hands are free to do other things, such as scrolling a “gram,” reading a book, or sipping a cocktail.

You can create a relaxing salon atmosphere in your own home.

Here there are some of the best hooded dryers on Tasalon that allow you to dry or fix your hair with minimal effort.

Tasalon Professional Adjustable Hood Professional Ionic Vertical Bonnet Hair Dryer, Freestanding Hood Dryer similar to the high-tech model in the high-end salon. With a power of 1,300 watts, it is the second most powerful model on this list and is perfect for perms, dry hair, conditioning and treatment.

In addition, it offers unparalleled operability. The base has rolling wheels that move quickly and easily, while the brackets are equipped with adjustable knobs to ensure the hood is always at the correct height.

The heating element can reach a perfect temperature (up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit) in a short time, and the multi-vane fan distributes the hot air quietly and evenly. The timer can also be set to 60 minutes, which means you can relax, unwind and finish the book.

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Note: click to download Standing Hair Hooded  Dryer Instruction Manual

PS:hooded hair dryer replacement parts

  1. La Tanya

    Works as advertised easy assemble. No complaints

  2. Your Queen

    Pretty good dryer for at home use. I absolutely love the glitter in the hood. It was very easy to assemble. My only complaint is that I wish it would extend down further on the hair for drying the nape area. It definitely drys the hair pretty well. It doesn’t get too hot but, it has multiple settings depending on your needs. As a professional hairstylist I would definitely recommend trying for at home use.

  3. Family matters

    Great drying pattern , very light weight dry hair in a great timing . Great for a salon

  4. AM

    I love the fact that this dryer has a downward airflow to do wash n go.

  5. SkyguyFLA

    Nice looking and functional for our Salon. Very happy with this item after having it for several weeks. Attractive and functional. Recommend

  6. Strongarm

    A reliable home stand hair dryer.
    The best feature that I like about this hair dryer is that it is light weight for easy lifting and the pole lowers to be more compact. It generates enough hot heat to dry the hair but the amount of time it takes to do it depends upon the length and thickness of the hair. There is no frizziness but I wish the helmet hood was deeper to dry my hair quicker.

  7. Unhappy customer

    I recently purchased this dryer. I was excited to open the box and assemble it. As I began to put the pieces together I realized that one of the legs were missing. Now I can’t use the dryer because there is a part missing. For the cost of this item, I think the company should ensure that all parts and tools are included in each box and they should provide better instructions and pictures on how to assemble each part.

  8. Sharon

    Recommend this dryer. Drying power and light weight.

  9. Diamond Valdez

    I like this product, it drys the hair good just like any other dryer at the salon. The only thing I dislike about it is that the wheels cannot lock and when I’m under the dryer, my 1 year old comes and play with the wheel, so it moves.

  10. Am

    Bought this dryer for my home salon studio. It arrived on time and it was easy to assemble. The dryer is very sturdy and good quality. Looks nice too! To operate, you must turn power button on, then pull visor down to begin air flow& lift visor up to stop air flow. I like that feature. At first I thought I had a broken dryer, but upon lowering visor the air began to come out. Great dryer!

  11. Richard B.

    Excellent product, excellent price.
    Fits behind a dining room chair and offers the right amount of heat.

  12. Maricella

    I’ve made a lot of purchases online over the years but this is the best thing I’ve purchased this far. It gets very hot and it’s convenient because I can move it to any room within my home & it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

  13. AC

    The dryer was easy to assemble. The roller wheels glide smoothly around the salon and allow me to move the dryer out of the way quickly when not in use. The dryer is fairly quiet and works great for my salon suite.

  14. Michelle Lobenstein

    The wheels were hard to put on at first, but with a turn and push they go right in, also the sparkly clear shield must be down in order for the dryer to work, when lifted up it turns it off.All in all took 10 minutes to assemble.

  15. Whitney W Zinni

    This was easier to put together than everyone made it sound, just takes about 20min. It is a little big but I expected that, it’s hard to tuck away in a smaller closet because the legs come out kind of far. Other than that it’s easy to move around and use. It’s worked really well on my curls, I use all 3 setting, high heat, low heat and cool. I have a medium curl pattern and thicker hair, although thinner strands. It normally takes awhile to dry to the root, this helps a ton and only takes about 10min. Love it!

  16. B. W. Woodson

    I have long natural hair which I wear in 2strand twists. I lover the drying power and the fact that is quiet and I can use it at home! Very sturdy and easy to assemble.

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