TASALON Barber Hand Mirrors with Handle

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✅〖Shatter-Resistant Tempered Glass〗The large hand mirror has clear reflections and a large field of view, which is convenient for observing back of head or tattoos on the back. It is a must-have multifunctional tool for professional stylists and individuals.
✅〖Portable and Lightweight〗TASALON handheld hair mirror can be easily carried in a bag or toolbox, making it perfect for mobile hair stylist and artists who require reliable equipment.

Why Choose TASALON Hand Mirror

Upgrade your grooming routine with the TASALON Barber Hand Mirrors.

Perfect for tattoo artists, barber stations, and salons, it offers exceptional clarity, durability, and comfort. Experience the difference and take your grooming skills to the next level!

  • Product Features:
  • Unique non-slip handle
  • 10.83'' large mirror surface
  • High-quality drop-proof design
  • Unbreakable tempered glass mirror

Product Details

barber mirror

barber hand mirrors with handle

salon mirrors with Handle

High Quality Glass

Strong and durable, it is a great value salon accessory.

Wall-Mounted Design

Space-saving, convenient storage and easy access.

Soft Handle Mirror

The ergonomic handle fits your palm better, making your work easier.

mirror to see back of head

TASALON Unbreakable Hand Held Mirror

Easy to see back of head, back tattoo effect. Easy to show your designs and creations to your clients.

hair mirror back of head

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