TASALON Ultimate Remarkable Color Salon Tray on Wheels

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Tray Cart with 3 Bowls, Adjustable Salon Service Rolling Tray, Hairdresser Color Station Cart with Wheels - Hairstylist Cart


Product Dimensions 17.7"D x 15"W x 36.6"H
Material Acrylic
Number of Shelves 1
Target Audience Unisex Adult

About this item

  • ✅ Height-adjustable Design: The middle part features a tension knob, allowing for adjustment from 54.35cm (21.4in) to 92.96cm (36.6in), easily meeting various height requirements.
  • ✅ Strong & Durable: This premium salon tray, crafted from high-quality acrylic, is both sturdy and durable. It can be marked with clients' names to avoid color deformation and is easy to clean.
  • ✅ Salon Tray Accessories: The set includes two premium-quality markers with a sponge eraser for effortless marking and erasing on the acrylic top, and magnetic attachments that allow for easy attachment to the stand pole or metal bracket, preventing loss.
  • ✅ Professional design: upgraded salon tray wheeled design, with three built-in coloring bowls that fit snugly in designated holes to prevent sliding or tipping, the sturdy five-star base for improved stability, casters can move freely 360 °.
  • ✅ Order Your Salon Table 100% Risk-Free: in the improbable case you face any issue with your stylist rolling tray, or you are not fully satisfied with its operation, we offer you a money-back guarantee.

Product Description

salon tray
salon tray


Salon Trolley CartStanding Hair Steamer
What You Get:

1 x Markable Acrylic Tray

2 x Marker Pens

3 x Bowls

5 x Wheels(2 Lockable Wheels )

1 x User Manual


Introducing Acrylic Rolling Tray for Hair and Personal Care Professionals By TASALON!

The TASALON writable salon tray is an excellent tool for stylists who handle multiple clients. The tray, made of clear, markable acrylic, allows you to write down each client's details directly on its surface. This feature significantly reduces the likelihood of confusing colors or forgetting key information. Equipped with two magnetic pens, you can easily note the client's name, time, and chosen dye color.

  • Two magnetic pens are included so you can write down the customer's name.
  • Two magnetic pens are This salon tray can reduce the chance of confusing colors and informationso you can write down the customer's name.
  • Effortless Set-Up: our hairstylist rolling tray comes with a user manual and easy-to-follow instructions, helping you assemble it with minimum effort.

salon tray

alon Tray Markable Color Rolling Tray

alon Tray Markable Color Rolling Tray

alon Tray Markable Color Rolling Tray

Markable Acrylic Tray

Ideal inner tray size: 17.7" x15" x 0.39", 3 build-In coloring bowls perfectly sits in the holes to avoid sliding or tipping over

Adjustable Height

Height adjustable from 21.4inch-36.6inch suitable for all-purpose use.

2 Magnetic Markers

Can be attached to thestandpole or metal bracketpreventing loss and with a sponge eraser for easymarking and erasing on theacrylic top.

Lockable Wheels

New upgradesmooth-rolling wheels 5 -star heavy-duty roller base with 2 lockable wheels and 3 smooth wheels.

Remarkable Color Station Salon Tray
Remarkable Color Station Salon Tray on Wheels

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