8 Reasons for Customer Loss in Hairdressing Franchise Stores and Solutions

8 Reasons for Customer Loss in Hairdressing Franchise Stores and Solutions
May 09, 2023admin
INTRO:Discover the top 8 reasons for customer loss in hairdressing franchise stores, including insufficient publicity, high turnover of personnel, inaccurate market positioning, poor technique, unprofessional image, incorrect marketing strategies, poor site selection, and unclear decoration atmosphere. Learn how to tackle these issues to improve customer retention and business success.
Now the service industry is more advantageous to do hairdressing franchise stores, as the service industry is more and more valued by the state, the various opportunities of the beauty industry have been occupied, and Ang's styling has reopened up the hairdressing franchise project, not only because the hairdressing franchise store now does fewer people, but because Ang's styling can ensure that franchisees can successfully make profits in the later stage. The self-confidence of Ang's styling is Ang's powerful after-sales support planning team, so that the cooperation between franchisees and Ang's styling can be permanently supported. Let's learn from Supervisor Wang, the gold medal franchise manager of Ang's styling, to find out the reasons for the lack of customers in hairdressing franchise stores and the solutions.

1. Insufficient customer source

The opening of hairdressing franchise stores is the focus of the entire hairdressing franchise process, if the opening is done well, hairdressing franchise stores can make a name for themselves in the local area and improve their popularity. Many hairdressers feel that there is no need to advertise because of enough traffic, which is a very negative idea, you do not advertise in the customer's perspective and feel that your strength is not enough. Therefore, the lack of publicity for the opening of new stores is one of the main reasons for the lack of customers in hairdressing franchise stores.

2. Excessive turnover of personnel

Talent of hairdressing franchise stores is the source of performance, almost all customer information is in the hands of hairdressers, usually a hairdressing shop The more frequent the change of hairdressers, the worse the business of the hairdressing shop, this phenomenon will become more obvious as the hairdressing shop does longer. The departure of hairdressers will take away a certain number of customers, which is the cause of customer loss.

3. Inaccurate positioning

Before opening a hairdressing shop, franchisees must investigate the local market consumption and do an accurate market positioning. The accuracy of market positioning directly affects the flow of customers in hairdressing shops and the level of customers who consume in stores, and if the positioning is inaccurate, it is easy to cause customers' consumption awareness is not strong, and they cannot bring customers to repeat consumption.

4. The technique is not good

Customers entering the store to consume must want to spend the least money to get the most professional service, hairdressing shops in order to make more money to let poor technical staff to serve customers shoddy, resulting in the frequency of customer dissatisfaction is too high, resulting in a bad reputation of hairdressing shops. If customers have a bad impression of the salon, there will be no repeat consumption, and even more negative information will be spread, resulting in poor competitiveness of the salon.

5. The image of the hairdresser is not professional

The hairdresser who can retain the customer is a professional hairdresser, the image of the hairdresser determines the customer's stay, the hairdresser is also the image representative of the hairdressing shop, if their overall image is not professional enough, they will not get the favor of customers, can not meet the visual needs of customers, hairdressing reasons personal performance is poor, directly affecting the business of hairdressing shops.

6. Marketing strategy error

Every hairdressing shop needs to do marketing planning, wrong overall marketing planning will directly lead to customers dare not come to the door, the choice of marketing planning must be based on the current hairdressing industry trends and development trends.

7. The main reason for failure is site selection

The main reason for the failure of many hairdressing shops is site selection, some hairdressing shops in order to rent less will choose a very poor environment, or some hairdressing shops do not have professional thinking, think that there is a store can be done, this is wrong, hairdressing shops attach great importance to the flow of people, hairdressing industry as a service industry to make customers feel convenient is also one of the quality services for customers to enjoy.

8. The decoration atmosphere is not clear

Opening a hairdressing shop usually invests a lot of money in decoration, but the overall atmosphere is unknown, which will still cause the loss of customers in the hairdressing shop, because the wrong decoration is not competitive in the same industry. The decoration grid adjustment body is not bright enough and the planned circulation line affects the later operation.