Key Tips for Choosing the Ideal Hairdressing Shop Location

Key Tips for Choosing the Ideal Hairdressing Shop Location
May 08, 2023admin
INTRO:Discover the essential factors to consider when choosing the perfect location for your hairdressing shop, including understanding the competition, ensuring sufficient market capacity, leveraging market complementarity, and conducting a thorough street sweeping investigation.
Now the market for hairdressers is getting hotter and hotter, but hairdressers want to do well. The most important thing is to choose a suitable location for the address of the hairdressing shop. Next, the styling editor will introduce you to how the hairdressing shop should be located:

First. Peers

Most people will not consider the place around when choosing the address of the hairdressing shop, because there may be an impact on the business, but on the contrary, you can think about it, since they can survive in this area, so long shows that this place has a certain market, follow your competitors, in a certain distance of their store in the area of the location is much safer than personal blind site selection. But there are also skills in choosing locations with competitors.
1. After choosing the area, in addition to considering the operation of the surrounding hairdressing shops, you should also compare according to the internship of the hairdressing shop you want to open. If there is a big disparity, it is generally better to say no.
2, the following store is not necessarily a store, you can also look a little longer-term, choose a hairdressing shop more concentrated business district area, then at this time there is a strong contrast of strength is best not to choose.
3. You can choose to import or export in the community, mainly one store, and spread around.
According to the comprehensive strength of their own hairdressing shop to look at the peers and then determine the location of the hairdressing shop, although can not avoid competition, but the rapid development of the beauty industry now, competition exists anywhere, franchisees need to continue to improve their own management according to their own situation, do a good job of differentiated competition in order to have their own foothold.

Second, enough market

Any profitable store has customers as the main core, we often say that positioning the store in a place with a lot of foot traffic is such a truth, only with sufficient market capacity, we can be demanded by consumers. So how to analyze the market capacity?
1, population density, 2, population structure, 3, whether road traffic is convenient, 4, whether the building facilities are perfect, etc.

Third, the market complementarity

Experienced franchisees often find that there are many industries that are complementary in service and operation. Then we can choose the hairdressing shop around the complementary store to bring "one-stop" service to customers. For example, sports clothing stores, sporting goods stores, restaurants, convenience stores, etc. are often around the stadium, and photo studios, convenience stores, souvenir retail stores and so on are often around tourist attractions. All of the above are marketing in complementary forms. So why can't our hairdressers do that?

Fourth, street sweeping

"Street sweeping" investigation is actually one of the most convincing site selection methods, it uses various data to tell managers where to choose where to better consumer needs, can have high returns. But "sweeping the streets" has a certain methodology.
1. First determine the key areas of street sweeping, and formulate a detailed and scientific road map, as well as the inspection methods and the inspection population.
2. Prepare a camera, pen and paper to record valuable information about the expedition.
3. In addition to investigating the scope of site selection, it is also necessary to compare the value of the hairdressing shop façade sought.
Well, the above is the location of the hairdressing shop introduced by styling for everyone, I hope that every franchisee who joins the styling can have a prosperous business and a lot of money!