Comparing Business Models of Large and Small Hairdressing Shops

Comparing Business Models of Large and Small Hairdressing Shops
Apr 22, 2023admin
INTRO:Explore the differences between the business models of large and small hairdressing shops, including market positioning, service offerings, and personnel management methods, to better understand how the size of the shop impacts its operation and success.
Whether it is an investor or a hairdressing shop owner who wants to expand his store, he will definitely consider opening a big store or a small shop before investing in a hairdressing shop, and what is the difference between the business model of the hairdressing shop after expanding the façade and the small shop in the past? Only by conducting a comprehensive analysis of all aspects before opening a store can we avoid as much as possible the business problems that may occur after the investment that the boss is caught off guard. Styling hairdressing chain franchise brands analyze the differences between the business models of hairdressing shops of different sizes.
At present, the hairdressing industry is highly competitive, and the key to a good business in hairdressing shops is not only to rely on affordable prices or good geographical location. The foundation of making the profit of the hairdressing shop must also start from the business philosophy, starting from the service of the hairdressing shop, hairdressing projects, hairdressers, concepts and other aspects, and formulate a suitable long-term development model of the hairdressing shop, which will be twice the result with half the effort. The business area of the hairdressing shop is different, so the business model, personnel management, store decoration and facilities will definitely be different, which makes the operation and management of the hairdressing shop different.

1.The market positioning is different

The biggest difference between large and small hairdressing shops is the scale of investment, and the size of the scale determines the operating area and market positioning of the hairdressing shop. Large hairdressing shops are aimed at mid-to-high-end customers and have a large operating area. There will obviously be a big difference in the management strategy and future development trend of the hairdressing shop, and there is a big difference between the consumption level and consumption habits of high-end customers and mass customers, high-end customers attach importance to brands, and mass customers value high quality and low price.

2.Service is different from business model

Large hairdressing shops need to give customers a high-end atmosphere, and the consumption level for these customers is generally high, and the demand will be high. Therefore, the service level of large-scale hairdressing shops for hairdressers is very high, and there are high requirements for the decoration design, internal environment, quality of hairdressers, service level and business philosophy of hairdressing shops.
But the small hairdressing shop itself is small, the main target customer group is the public customers, the price will not be too high, then the store facilities, internal environment and service level requirements do not have to be too harsh, mainly simple and generous, giving customers a fresh and natural, convenient and affordable impression.

3.Personnel management methods are different

The general large hairdressing shop in more than 10 hairdressers, the level division is more obvious, there are more managers, the hairdressing shop will also set up unused positions, the store has more personnel, which requires the management of the hairdressing shop to develop a strict management system, each performing its own duties, so that employees clarify their positions and responsibilities, hairdressing shops can develop in an orderly manner. But for small hairdressing shops, there are few small people in the shop, there is no need to set too many levels, and there are few levels to manage people, and small hairdressing shops mainly need to create a relaxed working atmosphere.