Winning Over Clients: Tips for Hairdressers to Build Trust

Winning Over Clients: Tips for Hairdressers to Build Trust
Apr 22, 2023admin
INTRO:Successful hairdressers know the importance of building trust with their clients. This article provides guidance on how to make clients feel valued through genuine compliments, knowing the right timing for sales pitches, and fostering strong connections to generate long-term customer loyalty.
Some people say that the most successful salesperson sells himself first. Hairdressers play such a role, before they promote a product project, they will first approach customers, impress customers, close distances and relationships, and make customers trust themselves. After successfully selling yourself, come back to recommend the product. However, when a hairdresser meets a customer for the first time, how should he quickly pull in a relationship with the customer? Here are some tips to compliment your customers to help you easily get new customers.

1. How to make customers accept your praise gladly?

Almost everyone has been praised, but there is no denying that everyone likes to be praised. Being praised by friends, relatives or colleagues is a pleasant thing, but when we encounter praise from strangers, it always feels unnatural, especially if the opposite is a salesman, at this time, you will only take it as a flattery and do not take it to heart. The same is true of hairdressers' praise for their customers, who say, "Miss XX, your jewelry is so beautiful." Or, "Your dress is so beautiful." "The customer is happy to listen to it, but it is not very pleasant. Because your praise does not go to the other person's heart.
We should use words to fully express the fact of praise, for example, when praising the customer's clothes, you can say "This dress is really small and fresh, it matches your temperament, you really have an eye, where did you buy it?" "In this way, not only do customers feel our sincerity, but they are also happy to continue talking.

2. How to let customers accept our sales smoothly?

The hairdresser plays many roles, she is not only the client's hair consultant, hair technician, but also the client's friend, the client's confidant. Therefore, excellent hairdressers are always good at detecting words, which is also the basic skill that hairdressers must master. So when is the best time to sell? Styling feels, hairdressers should first observe the customer's mood, the other party's face and the tone of speech, if the customer is in a good mood, and very satisfied with the hairdressing, this time we can start selling. If the other party is not in a good mood, this time should suspend the promotion, use professional technology to let customers feel our quality service, care for customers, and develop the other party into our long-term customers.

3. How to generate a chemical reaction with customers?

Good hairdressers are good at making friends with customers, and customers are willing to trust them. Novice hairdressers can easily miss out on customers. This is because novice hairdressers do not know how to retain customers and "do not call" with customers. In fact, if you want to close the distance between each other, you must step by step, do not talk about sales at the beginning, care more about customers, and after the customer experience, often greet customers and make an appointment for the next arrival time.