Consultative Selling in Small Hairdressing Shops

Consultative Selling in Small Hairdressing Shops
Apr 29, 2023admin
Selling aggressively to customers can push them away and toward your competitors. To build trust and establish a positive relationship, focus on helping the customer solve their problems and answering their questions. By standing on their side and providing valuable information, you can create a smooth and comfortable communication experience. Only then, can you introduce your concepts and products without being annoying or salesy.
Now many customers are very annoying, selling or selling. So how do we do it? How much does it cost to open a styling barbershop without selling!? If you go to a barbershop, or a clothes store. How will you feel when someone sells you clothes vigorously? It must be particularly disgusting. I don't want to be here, buy, and the customer is very defensive.
Now you say anything, and it feels like you're going to make his money. Always stand against you. That's when you need to build trust with him. First of all, you don't want to sell in the first place. This is a serious mistake. If you do this, you will push your customers to your competitors.
I share with you a quick way to build trust. You want to be completely in the customer's communication, and you should think about it. How much does it cost to open a styling barbershop, what are the problems? Well, how to help him solve these problems?
At this time, you are on the same front with him, which is equivalent to the two of you walking in the same direction. Communication between the two of you will be smooth. At the same time, he will trust you. Think of you as a friend.
Let's say you want to sell shampoos. Don't sell shampoos right away. You can tell him how to choose a shampoo and what points should you pay attention to? How much does it cost to open a styling barbershop for goods use and choosing shampoos that will cause that kind of damage to the scalp. What harm does it do to the rule of law? For example, permed hair, so think about it, acidic shampoo in shampoo, because the perm potion is alkaline, which can effectively neutralize the alkaline substances in the hair. In order to achieve the protection of the legal system, reduce the effective damage to the hair.
You first have to stand in the customer's corner to help him, choose shampoo, and hair care. At this time, the customer will not be annoyed, because you did not tell him that there is a shampoo for sale, but, tell him how to protect the hair and choose a shampoo. That's when you're going to be in your, your description, interspersed with your concepts. This concept belongs only to your product, or your store, or you own. At this time, how much money do you need to open a styling barbershop, and sales are very easy. And you won't be disgusted by sales traces, customers, and won't visit your store next time.