Hair salon equipment — the practicality of each device

Hair salon equipment — the practicality of each device
Oct 02, 2022admin
When you plan to open a hair salon, the first thing you plan is the budget and the equipment you need in the salon. You can start by preparing a list of hair salon equipment. Understanding the main points and their practicality will help with the budget.

A brief list of hair salon equipment and their utilities

To open a hair salon, you need many items. But not all of this is needed from the start. Here we list the basic 4 of hair salon equipment and its practicality.

1. Barber chair

Of all the equipment we consider essential, the barber chair is always at the top of the list. Even a basic barbershop can't operate without these hydraulic loungers.
So, whenever you prepare a list of hair salon equipment, look for a barber chair or straddle stool to sell. For a salon, you will need more than one such chair. Larger salons require at least 5-6 barber chairs.
Obviously, the barber chair is an important part of your investment. Therefore, you need to hack the cheapest deal to buy these chairs.
Barber chair
Barber chair feature check-
- Steel body and structure
- Comfortable seat leather
- Hydraulic pump lifting
- Detachable headrest
- Comfortable leg rest
Barber Chair Price: The best quality barber chair on the market starts at $488
You may need a straddle stool
height adjustable saddle stool

2. Barber Station:

A barber station or styling stand is the second most important thing you need in a hair salon. These workstations are ideal for storing the small equipment and supplies needed for hairstyling. Most of these workstations are laminated timber with drawers and mirrors. Stylists often share stations, and ideally you need about 2-3 stations in a medium-sized salon.
Barber Station Components -
- Drawer for storing scissors, thread rolls, etc.
- Cabinet storage beauty equipment
- Bracket for handheld clothes dryer, modeling stick, etc.
- Mirrors
Barber Station Price: Available on the market starting at $128

3. Shampoo wet station:

Next important is the wet zone. Here you need a separate, rather special setting for shampoo, hair conditioning and therapeutic purposes.
Make sure the product you buy is made of waterproof materials like vinyl.
After all, in the wet part, you need to set up pipes for the faucet as well as the shampoo bowl.
Features of the wet station:
- Shampoo bowl
- Shelves or cabinets for storing towels, shampoo, conditioner, etc.
- Cabinet for storing plumbing items
- Faucets and sprinklers for shampooing
**Wet Station Price:** Product starts at $358

4. Hair dryer:

There are different types of hair dryers on the market -
- Helper Commercial Hair Dryer
- Hooded hair dryer
- Evaporator
- Face Steamer
TASALON’s new professional face steamers
These are also essential for hairstyling. Every wash in the salon requires blow drying or slow drying using a hooded dryer.
Different dryers and hair processors have different prices


Hair salon will require many other styling equipment. But with these 4, none of the hair salons have been able to run smoothly and earn a reputation. We give the starting range for each product. The more features you want to implement in your device, the more you put in it.