TASALON Donates Unbreakable Mirrors for Behcet’s Disease Awareness

TASALON Donates Unbreakable Mirrors for Behcet’s Disease Awareness
Aug 25, 2022admin

Suffering from an extremely rare disease can make you feel extremely isolated, and at times, even invisible. In 2008, after graduating from the Columbia College Online Program, Cindy Todd began losing the feel of her feet, and skin. After three years of extensive testing, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare, and unusual condition called Behcet’s Disease.

Now, almost 15 years later, Cindy is backpacking the world, in the attempt of raising awareness of this undocumented illness. She is an advocate for the research of this rare disease, in the hope that one day, this will lead to better treatment, or even a cure.

Yet hiking requires all sorts of equipment and apparel. You need things that are easy to carry, and won’t break easily. For Cindy, who is often on the trails, talking to fellow hikers, and exploring the world, this meant unbreakable mirrors. Cindy needed a good, sturdy mirror to place in her base camp, to examine injuries, rashes, and do hairs. This led her to TASALON. Cindy, who has completed hikes in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and the Dragon Back Trail in Hong Kong Island, knows the importance of good equipment.

So when she reached out to us, at TASALON, we were more than happy to help. We donated two unbreakable mirrors to aid in Cindy’s Behcet’s Disease awareness efforts, and hope she has many wild adventures in the years to come. If you want to learn more about Behcet's disease, here is the book written by Cindy, named Backpacking for Behcet's Disease Awareness. You might get it in the bookstore or Amazon.

BACKPACKING for Behcet's Disease Awareness

Why did Cindy pick TASALON?

The handheld TASALON salon mirror that Cindy picked has a bunch of benefits attached to its name:

● Unbreakable – made of high-end ABS plastic and tempered glass, the mirror is impact-resistant and very difficult to break. This makes it ideal for taking on long journeys, using in high-pressure environments, but also regular salons. The unbreakable aspect of this mirror just means you’ll be able to use it for a very long time, without worrying about it becoming damaged.

● Distortion-free – whether you’re hiking in the Mojave Desert, or pouring your heart and soul into the perfect updo, you need a reliable mirror that is free of distortions. The TASALON handheld offers you a high-quality depiction of reality that’s 100% accurate and trustworthy, which in turn means better accuracy.

● Easy to handle – While a static wall mirror is all good and well, sometimes a smaller, handheld mirror gives higher accuracy in hair-cutting. Another advantage of the TASALON mirror is that it’s very easy to handle, and move around, to gain access to unique, new angles, without your hand going numb.

● Lightweight – when handling a mirror, you don’t want to have to lug around heavy duty stuff. Since the TASALON mirror is made of ABS plastic, this makes it much lighter than if it were full glass.

Hang it on a clothes’ hook in your wardrobe, or carry it with you wherever you go, the TASALON handheld is a light, professional-grade mirror to cover every necessity. It offers better clarity for a more professional-looking hairdo, or make-up application, and will last you for a very long time.

We believe professional-grade apparel should be accessible to everyone, and that it shouldn’t cost a fortune.