How to Use Loyalty Cards in a Styling Barbershop

How to Use Loyalty Cards in a Styling Barbershop
May 04, 2023admin
INTRO: Loyalty cards can be an effective tool to increase customer loyalty in a styling barbershop. This article explains how to apply for a points card, its benefits, and instructions for using it. Customers can enjoy cashback on spending points, priority purchases for sales, and birthday gifts. The article also discusses points rebate schemes and their clearing process.
Use of styling barbershop loyalty cards

1. Card type: Consumption point card

2. Application for points cards:

Points card: Anyone who meets the following conditions can apply for a point card at the card center, otherwise it will not be processed.
(1) Use ~~, support and trust~~, publicity and promotion~~~~ What should I pay attention to when opening a barbershop
(2) In order to protect the rights and interests of ~~ members and provide ~~~ members with faster and more detailed information in a timely manner, applicants need to present their ID card and valid certificates
(3) ~~~~ Employees shall not take advantage of their position to apply for and use point cards abnormally
(4) Each person is limited to one point card, and a card fee of 5 yuan is required when applying.
(5) Consume ~~~ any of the same items

3. The points card has the right:

(1) Enjoy cash back on spending points
(2) Cash rebates can be selected in cash or at the same price according to your actual situation
(3) Can be shared with other promotions of the barbershop
(4) Priority purchase for sale, event information notified in advance SMS delivery.
(5) Birthday gift pack Birthday cards will be sent from time to time

4. Instructions for the use of loyalty cards

(1) When you make consumption and payment, please take the initiative to present the point card in order to accumulate the points of the current consumption, and no replacement points will be issued after that.
(2)This card is for personal use only and cannot be transferred or lent to others. If you lose this card or the card is damaged, please report the loss immediately
(3) When paying the bill, please carefully check whether the card number displayed on the cashier computer is consistent with the card number of the point card you hold, and remind the cashier immediately when you find an abnormality.
(4) Please keep the relevant account information and password of this card properly, the styling barbershop is not responsible for the loss caused by the cardholder's own reasons
(5) ~~ other franchised stores and ~~~ headquarters do not assume any legal responsibility for this card
(6) The final interpretation right of this card belongs to ~~~~~~

5. Points rebate and zero

(1) Points time, card usage period
Consumption accumulated points
(2) Points rebate scheme
Any item 10 yuan to earn one point (less than 10 yuan accumulated to the next consumption),
Introduce one to ~~~ user hair cutting reward 1 point perm according to the consumption amount of ten yuan points,
(3) Points cleared
After each point rebate, consumption points are reaccumulated from zero
Present the points card before each purchase