Keys to Retaining Repeat Customers in a Hair Salon

Keys to Retaining Repeat Customers in a Hair Salon
May 06, 2023admin
INTRO:Discover the essential factors for retaining repeat customers in a hair salon. Focus on creating a welcoming environment, training professional and attentive staff, meeting customers' specific needs, and paying attention to details to stand out in the competitive beauty industry.
A hairdresser is a hairdresser's enthusiasm to keep high and full at all times. However, many customers nowadays do not like hairdressers who are too enthusiastic, which can make them feel very uncomfortable. Many customers have the need to cut their hair or do hairstyles, but once they encounter overly enthusiastic hairdressers who are selling, they will feel very repulsed. Therefore, hairdressers should be enthusiastic but also pay attention to the scale of enthusiasm when serving. So if hairdressers want to provide customers with more high-quality and professional services, how should this scale be handled? The following styling editor will give you a brief introduction, so that hairdressers can grasp the scale when serving customers.
The beauty industry is now one of the most profitable industries in China, and the most profitable in the beauty industry is hairdressing. Now Korean fashion is very popular in China and even around the world. Both men and women will decide their own style according to Korean fashion, and it can be said that Korea is a fashion vane for hair styling. Now doing hairdressing salons to join is a relatively large investment, but after success, the profit is greater. If you want to do a good job in a hairdressing shop, you need to retain customers, and you need to have a good reputation among consumers. So what should hairdressers that want to retain repeat customers do? Today, I will introduce it to you.

1. Barbershop environment

First of all, the first thing customers see after entering the hairdressing shop is the atmosphere of the hairdressing shop. Customers don't just come to the salon to do styling, they also want to relax in the salon. Therefore, it is crucial that the environment of the hairdressing shop is kept clean and tidy, and the service is professional. If there is a slight item that does not meet the customer's ideal standard, it will make the customer feel very dissatisfied, which will increase the customer's disgust, which will affect the reputation of the hairdressing shop. Therefore, when the hairdressing shop is decorated, it must be designed according to the appreciation level of most customers of their target customers to meet their aesthetic decoration style, and the ornaments or design in the store must also meet the aesthetic standards of the public, and at the same time, we must pay attention to the background music and lighting design to have a warm and comfortable feeling.

2. Service staff

Usually, whether the friendship between two people goes on first depends on whether the first impression is good. In this way, first of all, after the customer enters the hairdressing shop, the hairdresser should seize the opportunity to give the customer a perfect first impression, and then talk happily, so that the customer will become the second customer, and will also introduce relatives and friends to consume, forming a good reputation in his circle of friends. If the hairdresser does not make a good first impression on the customer, it will directly lead to the loss of the customer. Therefore, hairdressing shops must carry out professional training when recruiting hairdressers, including image temperament, language communication skills, professional technical techniques and other all-round training, and improve the quality of hairdressers from all aspects, so as to give customers a good impression.

3, to meet customer needs

A successful hairdressing shop wants to retain customers, in addition to providing customers with a professional service environment and enthusiastic attitude, the most important thing is to find a way to meet the needs of customers, a hairdressing shop even if the decoration is luxurious, the hairdresser's technology is good, can not meet the needs of customers That is not helpful, customers will not choose to do hairdressing a second time after being on the occasion again. Therefore, hairdressers should communicate with customers more before hairdressing, really understand the customer's ideas and needs, patiently make suggestions, and then recommend the most suitable hairstyle or product for customers according to the real situation, and you can start after the customer's consent. There is also to say that the technology of hairdressers is also a vital part, now many customers are willing to choose some design directors or store managers and other hairdressers who need to charge extra fees to design their own hairstyles, the most important thing for hairdressing shops is to satisfy customers, so that they have the opportunity to retain customers.

4. Serve customers carefully

Everyone knows that details make the difference between success and failure, but how many hairdressers can really pay attention to detail at all times? It is more important to pay attention to details in the hairdressing shop, pay attention to the customer's ideas in many details, constantly update and improve the details of the hairdressing shop, and the hairdresser should impress the customer with his patience and care.
With the development of the times, people's pursuit of beauty will be better and higher, in the eyes of consumers, hairdressing shops can really impress them is high-quality service, now there are countless hairdressers, the street is also full of hairdressing shops. If you want to defeat your opponents, you must start from the details and let customers see the sincerity and intention of the hairdresser. In order to form a good reputation and retain repeat customers.