Mastering the Art of Self-Promotion in Sales

Mastering the Art of Self-Promotion in Sales
May 05, 2023admin
INTRO:Discover the importance of self-promotion in sales and learn three essential steps to effectively sell yourself to customers. Enhance your interpersonal skills, ask smart questions to understand customer needs, and reach a consensus to establish a professional image and trust in the customer's mind.
In sales, how to effectively promote yourself, this is a very important topic, how much does a cheerful hairdressing salon cost because the customer purchases not only your products, before making product purchasing decisions, he must first consider you as a salesperson.
70% of a sales job should be selling yourself! France's Napoleon Hill said, "If you want to be an extraordinary person, you have to learn to sell yourself." So how exactly are we going to sell ourselves? Is it to tell the customer that you know a lot, so that the customer thinks you're smart? In fact, these are far from enough.
Whether it is the first visit or a repeat visit, as long as you do the following 3 things in turn, your tall image and dedicated image in the customer's mind will be established: First, use one or more "interpersonal skills" to stimulate the customer's interest and win the customer's initial trust. The way to generate interest and build trust is to skillfully use the following interpersonal tools: positive attitude (smile/sunshine/humor); Sincere compliments; Customer focused; How much does a cheerful hairdressing salon cost, properly called; Show interest or talk about topics that are of mutual interest; Listening (asking open-ended questions/using open-ended body language/taking notes, etc.).
Second, use "smart questions" to gain insight into customer needs (focus), budget, competition, timeline, purchase influencing factors, and more. It should be said that this is the key to selling yourself, if the above step is just to create a good communication atmosphere for the "smart questioning" link, then the work of this link will fully reflect the professionalism of the sales staff! The real sales master is first of all a listening master, who will skillfully sort out the customer's procurement ideas through well-designed questions, guide the customer to analyze his purchase reasons (dig into the various needs of the customer), and even find the customer's differentiated needs (hidden needs).
Third, "reach a consensus" with customers on customer needs (especially differentiated needs and implicit needs). To put it simply, it is to summarize the needs of customers in a timely manner and ask customers to confirm after in-depth "looking, hearing and cutting". How much does a cheerful hairdressing salon costIf you sum it up correctly, customers will praise you and trust you more. If you don't summarize it completely, the customer will add it. "Reaching consensus" is the first culmination in the visit, and this step will provide a valuable basis for your follow-up.