3 Things You Should Be Looking for In a Salon Trolley

3 Things You Should Be Looking for In a Salon Trolley
Feb 18, 2021admin
Running a salon or spa is all about satisfying your clients and providing them with exceptional services. If you want your clients to turn into loyal customers, you must meet their exceeding expectations every time they visit. To do that, you must make sure that you have everything in order.
When we talk about customer expectations for salons, good furniture and tools are among those important things that count. Having high-quality furniture not only add to the ambience of your place, but it also makes your job easier. While there are many things that you need to develop a distinctly professional and attractive look, salon trollies are one of those essential requirements you can’t afford to neglect. Here are a few things that you need to consider when buying a salon trolley.

A handy and spacious premium quality Salon Trolley


Although a salon trolley might seem like a small addition, it is extremely important. A good Salon trolly helps you sort and set up all the items within your reach when dealing with a client. If you keep leaving your client in the middle to get a tool, it does not leave a very good impression. If your client is running short of time and wasting time sorting out tools, you should not expect them to visit again.

Ideal Size

You don’t want your trolley to be so big that it occupies too much space and comes in your way. However, you also do not need a trolley that is too small and does not have enough space to adjust everything you need. An ideal salon trolley creates a balance between these things.


It is always better to opt for stainless-steel items that can resist water and provide a fantastic appearance. You will be using a lot of water when dealing with your clients, and the chances are that your salon trolley will begin to rust if it is not stainless.

TASALON Stainless-Steel Trolley

Tasalon Salon Round Seat Stool Black
Here is one of the best salon trolleys you can buy for your salon and spa. It comes with cart on wheels that make it easier to move and can be used for multiple purposes. It has two bottom racks and six pull-out trays that maximize your storage and bring all the tools within your reach. TASALON has designed this tray for beauty and personal care professionals.


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