New Year, New Salon! 3 Ways of Remodeling Your Beauty Salon on a Budget

New Year, New Salon! 3 Ways of Remodeling Your Beauty Salon on a Budget
Mar 09, 2021admin
While businesses worldwide took a major hit, some had it worse than others, including the salon industry. There’s no doubt that 2020 proved to be a challenging year for everyone, but this year is all about redirection and renewal.
Whether you’re upgrading your salon or relocating into a new space entirely, reviving the environment is all too important for excellent customer service. But while many consider remodeling as an expensive activity, there are ways to rejuvenate your beauty salon on a budget. Here are some ways you can revive your salon for an updated look.

Introduce New Products

You might think that bringing in new products won’t change how your salon looks. But in reality, they can make a massive difference to the customer’s experience. Every client wants to like what they see in the reflection, so adding mirrors in all the right spots is incredibly important.
Aesthetically pleasing salon furniture can make an otherwise drab space come to life. Remodeling your salon doesn’t always have to include painting the walls and adding in new fixtures.
By simply altering your shelving and adding cutting-edge salon equipment, you can show your clients that you’re committed to providing top-quality service. Whether it’s adding new salon trays, towels, capes, stools, and other equipment, you can arrange new fresh products in a comfortable and cohesive style and revitalize your salon’s look.

Improve Your Lighting

One of the many ways you can easily renovate your beauty salon is by upgrading your lighting. It can either contribute to a satisfying customer experience or a terrible one. Waxing and styling stations require bright lights so that you can work without any difficulties and your clients can be sure that everything is going well.
In comparison, massage rooms and other calming areas should have ambient lighting. You won’t have to bear any high costs while purchasing high-lumen track lighting for brighter areas and dimmable bulbs for relaxing zones.

A well-lit beauty salon with leather chairs

Paint the Walls

How likely are you to return to a place that was covered in a dreary, dull color? Similarly, clients want to visit a salon that has a comfortable and pleasing ambiance. Painting the walls can breathe life back into your beauty salon.
Not only can it help your staff concentrate and perform better, but it can also offer a hygienic, welcoming, and updated space to your clients. Additionally, a fresh coat of paint can make an excellent first impression on your customers and provide you with a more enjoyable place in which you spend over half of your day.
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