Attract customers and increase store entry rates!

Attract customers and increase store entry rates!
Mar 27, 2023admin
Attract customers and increase store entry rates!
A few steps down the streets of a hairdresser's shop. There are many options for people to choose from, but this is not a good thing for hairdressers, because it will greatly lose customers. Even customers who have been carefully maintained before can be distracted by the emergence of new things. Barbershop owners are having a headache, how can this be alleviated? How to protect old customers while still bringing new customers into the store? So let's tell you some methods now.

1. Decoration

Store decoration is a major rule of hairdressing shops, do not underestimate the importance of hairdressing shop decoration, small decoration is the way of development. The contrast of reality is here, why some stores are always cared for, and then look at the decoration. Then the reason why no one cares about customers is more or less because the decoration is not attractive enough. To use a metaphor, hairdressing shop decoration is like women's makeup, and there are reasons why women who generally wear makeup are more beautiful and more popular. Beauty naturally wants to see more, and the renovated hairdressing shop will also make people linger.

2. Project

The project is to lock in the target customers faster, and the general customer enters the store, it must be for a certain project, because it can help her solve the problem, rather than blindly entering the hairdressing shop, and there is no direction to consume. In this way, although you can lock in the target customers and become regular customers; But it's hard to add new customers, and there are no more customers to attract. The addition of new items is also to help hairdressers increase the rate of customers entering the store and maintain the vitality of hairdressers.

3. Promotion

If decoration is an artifact that attracts money, then a good promotion method is definitely the key to our success. All walks of life regard promotional activities as very important, which is a quick way to pay for itself. Women are naturally not resistant to discount promotions, which makes women's consumption more irrational and conducive to the rapid development of hairdressing shops.

4. Attitude

Attitude determines everything, and a good attitude is the basic principle of interacting with people. In the face of the enthusiastic response of customers entering the store, do not ignore her existence, people now have a strong sense of existence. Employees who do not enter the store to do activities or distribute flyers must first enthusiastically attract orphans into the store, which will determine the customer's impression of the hairdresser.