How to save a failed haircut!

How to save a failed haircut!
Mar 26, 2023admin

How to save a failed haircut!

Who hasn't met a bad hairstylist, and who hasn't cut a failed haircut? So all you have to do is hide the bad hairstyle before the new hair grows. Regarding this problem, Xiaobian gives some good ways to improve failed hairstyles.

1. Say it out loud

If you hate this hairstyle, say it out loud! If you are not satisfied with the results of this haircut, be sure to tell the barber before leaving the salon, so that maybe the barber will have a chance to remedy it. Don't let face stop you from saying what you think, know that all barbers want customers to leave the salon happy. If the hairstyle really can't be adjusted, here are some tips to help you improve your situation until new hair grows.

2, accessories to help

Even the worst hairstyles can be cleverly concealed by headwear and headbands. If the hair on both sides is too short, try pinning them to the back with clips, remembering to use clips that match the color of the hair, and use two hairpins on each side in a cross shape. If hair accessories can't save you, then wear a hat, editor I once wore a whole winter hat for a failed hairstyle, cup wow.

3. Smart use of tools

If you haven't used a hair straightener, hair dryer, or curling hair before, now is the time to give it a try. If the new hairstyle is too rigid, add some flowers to it with a curling iron; If the curls are cut too short, use a straight hair board to straighten it!

4 with the help of styling


Don't be afraid of your own changes, you can use some new products to "revitalize" your hairstyle in new ways. If the hairstylist cuts your bangs too short and flat to make them look like a brush over the door of your head, you can use beauty scissors with the blade facing the sky and gently shave the edge of the bangs. This trick can reduce the thickness and make the bangs lighter. When the tail end is thin, it will appear gentler regardless of the length. Or if you need to improve the overall trimming layer, try enhancing volume and fit with products that increase hair texture, such as hair waxes and mud.

5. Increase the length

Put on wig pieces, don't struggle. This artificial product can be very effective in relieving your troubles, and the good thing is that they are temporary, do not need heating or glue, as long as they are not lived. It is recommended to use 4 pieces, one on each side and two pieces at the back to increase the length and thickness. The trick to using a wig piece is to pick your hair fluffy about 4cm below the part you intend to use, then spray it with a little spray and hide the wig piece inside.