Barber shops, just shouting slogans, useless _ training

Barber shops, just shouting slogans, useless _ training
Dec 22, 2022admin

Barber shops, just shouting slogans, useless _ training

When we walk down the street, we often see some hairdresser employees standing in line in front of the door shouting slogans because of bad business. Of course, this slogan has two meanings, and another layer means that some hairdressing shops do not say well

1, there is no professional training

Relevant data shows that 40% of small hairdressing shops, the employees in them have not received systematic professional training, and the boss does not have this awareness, regularly let employees go to training, study, employees do not have a positive attitude of learning, there is a kind of passing, in order to make money for life. The boss is short-sighted and thinks it will cost a lot of money. In fact, they don't know how to spend money on employee training, and when excellent employees are recognized by customers, the benefits obtained in the later stage are much more than the money you spend in the early stage.

Barber shops, just shouting slogans, useless _ training

2, caused by human factors

Small hairdressing shop owners also hope to improve their employees' abilities and increase turnover, but due to restrictions or financial problems, they are helpless; Medium-sized hairdressers have been forgotten because of educational methods and training mechanisms; Medium and large hairdressing shops have training but do not meet the needs of their own hairdressing shops, resulting in hairdressers leaving to develop elsewhere; Large-scale hairdressing shops are guaranteed in terms of funds, teachers, and training quality, with advantages, and a little training is a capable, high-quality hairdresser, and good service can also enhance the reputation in the market.

3. Build a very goodteacher team

An excellent team needs training, and to meet the talent output mechanism of market demand, it needs an excellent teacher team to train, and needs a standardized advanced platform to make evaluation standards

4. Support the development of online training

With the rapid development of the network, many things can be done online, online payment, online shopping, even classes can be repeatedly online - online micro-courses, it is convenient for many people, is a flexible model, people can choose different courses to learn according to their needs, no time limit, geographical restrictions.

Barber shops, just shouting slogans, useless _ training

5. Establish a long-term cultivation system

Strengthening the complementarity of the systematic connection between cultivation and market demand is a problem to be considered by major cultivation institutions, and the establishment of a long-term supply and demand win-win model is a mutually beneficial relationship, which can solve the current problem.