Basic characteristics of the development of the hairdressing industry!

Basic characteristics of the development of the hairdressing industry!
Dec 19, 2022admin

Basic characteristics of the development of the hairdressing industry!

1、Good self-discipline

The national beauty salon industry is a completely competitive industry. In its development process, it has obviously gone through three stages of development: the first stage, the single money-making stage. There are obvious bad business trends such as inferior services, backward products, technologies and services. The second stage, the transformation stage. Some excellent operators stood out, and the single store developed into a comprehensive operation and occupied a certain market position. The third stage, the development stage. A group of excellent operators once again stood out, and another group of well-qualified investors entered the industry, and the simple desire to make money and expand was transformed into a strong pursuit of healthy development

Basic characteristics of the development of the hairdressing industry!

Among them, a large number of people with lofty ideals in the industry have emerged consciously and voluntarily become the initiators and organizers of industry associations at all levels, promoting development and strengthening industry self-discipline, at the same time, they have experienced the baptism of market competition law of survival of the fittest, and a number of excellent brands and enterprises have also stood out.

2. Renewal of concepts

After years of hard work and self-renewal in the industry, it

is gratifying that the profession of beauty and hairdresser has been recognized by the society, no longer synonymous with shoddy, deceptive and pornographic, with a beautiful color of the times, it has become an emerging fashion industry of social concern, attracting more and more trust from consumers, and becoming an indispensable new lifestyle in people's lives. In this process, people in the industry have made unremitting and even selfless efforts.

3、Strong demand

Asia is the

region with the highest consumption penetration rate of beauty salons in the world, and China's consumer market is the most impressive market. The long humanistic tradition, rich aesthetics and relatively consistent aesthetic commonality of the Chinese nation have become a solid foundation for the market positioning of China's beauty industry. Some experts predict that the hottest thing in the 21st century is not computers, not genetic engineering, but the beauty and hairdressing industry. In the next 5 years, the consumption expenditure of ordinary people will double, and the output value of the beauty and hairdressing industry will also double.

Huge development space to attract many funds into the industry to enrich the comprehensive strength

of industry development

4、 Rapid growth


national beauty and hairdressing industry has developed for more than 20 years, and no industry has such a development speed and growth scale, and this development trend will continue with the improvement of economic development speed, the improvement of living standards, and the improvement and maturity of the industry.


is worth paying attention to the fact that there are also great hidden dangers and disadvantages behind the rapid growth state, so industry associations at all levels, excellent brands and enterprises in the industry, industry insiders need to work together with one heart and one mind, work together to strongly promote development.

Basic characteristics of the development of the hairdressing industry!

5. Steady sustainability

With the steady growth of China's economy, people's lives are becoming richer and richer, and people's pursuit of beauty is becoming stronger and stronger. The national beauty and hairdressing industry has obtained a natural and stable foundation for sustainable development; At the same time, the industry has accumulated considerable experience in management level, technical ability and economic strength, and has cultivated a solid development platform.

In addition, more and more experts and scholars have joined this industry to make great achievements, and excellent high-end talents have become an important supporting force for the sustainable development of the industry.