How do hairdressing franchises make money quickly?

How do hairdressing franchises make money quickly?
Dec 20, 2022admin

How do hairdressing franchises make money quickly?

Opening a new hairdressing shop, I believe many bosses will ask, how to make a profit quickly? Yes, this is a problem that many people are more concerned about, so the editor will give you a few suggestions, hoping to help you and double your turnover.

1. Choose a good store address

To operate a hairdressing shop, you must choose a good storefront, which must be a place with a large flow of people, or near a large or medium-sized community, or a place with convenient transportation.

The environment of the hairdressing shop is also very important (no matter how small the store is, it is necessary to set up a leisure waiting area) After all, customers come to do hair, eyes and ears will not be idle, the store is clean and tidy, the decoration is distinctive, in the music, enjoying the hair will definitely have fun, and will also bring new customers to the store.

How do hairdressing franchises make money quickly?

Tip: Barbershops also need to consider parking spaces, which is becoming more and more important now.

2. Good hairstylists

To run a hairdressing shop, there must be several good hairstylists in the store, after all, only a good hairstylist can attract repeat customers, and the source of customers in the hairdressing shop can continue to flow.

Tips: Hairstylists should not only evaluate their performance, but also give them certain opportunities for further training and shareholding

3. Advanced marketing means

In the past two years, with the popularity of Weibo and WeChat, the marketing of mobile Internet must also be paid attention to. In particular, WeChat is such a hot and trendy marketing method, we must make good use of it.

4. Theme activities that cannot be ignored (in-store activities + out-of-store activities + group buying website)

In-store activities, lock the crowd in the store, out-of-store activities, drainage to the store, expand the number of people in the store, group buying website, pay by effect drainage mode, with the help of the network, free to attract people to the store, and then cooperate with the in-store WeChat member recruitment activities to lock customers.

Tips: The decoration of the hairdressing shop must be designed and constructed by a professional decoration company, and the music played is also very particular about the option to buy a special CD for hairdressing.

5. Reasonable price positioning

Hairdressing shops cannot expect to set the price very high at the beginning to make profits, but should be reasonably positioned, through reasonable prices to attract a group of stable customers, so as to maintain daily operations. In addition, we also use honest business philosophy and exquisite craftsmanship to let customers do more projects to earn profits.

How do hairdressing franchises make money quickly?

Tips: For example, the price of washing hair and cutting hair must be civilian, and other items such as baking oil, perm, and Dharma protection can be reasonably priced according to a series of materials such as the potion used.

6. Standardized operation and management

If a hairdressing shop wants to make a quick profit, it is inseparable from standardized experience management, and the recruitment of capable and experienced store managers is the basis, and the management is carried out every day in accordance with the internal control process of the hairdressing shop.

Tips: Good management is reflected in customer service, customers wait for the hairstylist to hand over a cup of hot water, wash their hair to do a head massage to relax, hairstylists and customers to do a good job of full communication when hairdressing reflects the management level and service awareness. Only good service can have a reasonable profit.

7. Set clear goals

For employees, design multiple levels (such as hairstylist assistant, hairstylist, senior hairstylist, senior hairstylist, hair director, etc.), and at the same time must give them direction and clear goals (such as how long to do it, a certain number of repeat customers on hand can be promoted). These activities need to be promoted by the store manager, and the establishment of employee performance files for statistics, assessment, motivation and review at the morning meeting or party.