Conference management is said to be not every store manager will?

Conference management is said to be not every store manager will?
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What is the purpose of the customer's visit to the hairdresser?

Customers can chat with the hairdresser for a long time during the service, and even share happiness and sorrow. At this time, the hairdresser should become the customer's psychological masseur, be a sincere listener or sharer. Mature hairdressers will grasp this well to improve their work performance.

Analysis of the purpose of the customer's hair salon



Trimming: Human hair grows about 1-2 cm per month, so if you want to keep short hair, you need to trim it once a month. Most of the customers who enter the salon have this demand, so they are reluctant to change the hairstylist at will, which forms the "old customer group" of the hair salon, and they generally require fast and fast service.

hat is the purpose of the customer's visit to the hairdresser?


Communication: On every important occasion, people will groom to show respect for others. With the enrichment of social life, people's social activities are increasing, people will pay more attention to their own image, especially in the fashion party of urban life, suitable hairstyle is also an important part of social activities.


Performance: Some people enter the salon because they participate in the performance, so they pay more attention to the personality and fashion sense of hairstyle, and often have to make special designs according to the nature and requirements of the performance, at this time, customers will have many additional requirements for hairdressers.

After we understand the purpose of the customer's salon, hairdressers often make subjective designs according to the customer's age, body type, and hair quality. So what are the self-image requirements in the minds of customers? According to these psychological conditions, what should hairdressers say?


Beautiful: Needless to say, it is the desire of most people to make yourself beautiful and dashing through a change in hairstyle. But beauty can only be achieved by the harmony of the inner and the outside. Therefore, hairdressers should try to discover the inner and outer beauty of customers in communication with customers, and express heartfelt admiration, so that customers can increase their self-confidence, and customers will like hairdressers who serve them more.


Young: Adults who don't want to look older than their actual age, hairdressers can definitely make customers look energetic and a few years younger through their professional skills and changes to hairstyles. And customers often like to let hairdressers guess their age, why don't hairdressers push the boat along the water, let alone how old they are? Of course, no one takes it seriously, and happiness is heartfelt.

hat is the purpose of the customer's visit to the hairdresser?


Fashionable: Hairstyles that lag behind the times are often considered to be old-fashioned, so the fashion sense reflected in hairstyles is often pursued by young people who love beauty. So for brightly dressed and avant-garde young people, you can add the most fashionable elements in the industry to their hairstyles, and connect relevant consultations with stars in conversation, fashionable men and women will feel great.

Harmony: Most middle-aged and elderly people's pursuit of hair design is often in harmony with their identity and status. They don't tell others about their personal situation, and they have few words about their hairstyle, so the hairdressers who serve them need to show full respect to win their trust to understand their real needs.