Customers love this kind of hairstylist the most

Customers love this kind of hairstylist the most
Apr 09, 2023admin
Now if hairdressers want to retain customers, not only as long as the effect is good, customers will definitely choose you, but also to consider many factors, especially the improvement of the comprehensive quality of hairstylists. Hairstylists as a group that directly contact customers, their every word and deed is the face of the hairdressing shop, only to make customers like the hairstylist here, and the relationship with the hairstylist is good, the customer will naturally retain. So, what kind of hairstylist do customers like the most? And listen to Ang's hairdressing salon franchise brand editor to analyze it for you.
1. A hairstylist with a good image and temperament
People are visual animals, and they are accustomed to taking people by their appearance when they meet for the first time, and they will always have a deep impression of beautiful things and like to get along with them. Especially for women who go for beauty in the first place, it is more important. The hairstylist should dress neatly and comfortably, be beautiful and natural, speak generously and appropriately, and behave politely. How can a hairstylist not even pay attention to his own image, how can he give customers confidence! As a messenger of beauty, it is difficult for a hairstylist with rude words and movements to make people feel beautiful.
2. Hairstylists with excellent professional knowledge
Although a hairstylist is also a technician, she is not only a technician, but also needs to communicate with customers and answer some inquiries from customers. Therefore, in order to win the liking of customers, hairstylists must not only have superb skills, but also have a wealth of expertise, and immediately give clear and correct answers to customer inquiries, and can even provide digital references. Hairstylists should have a professional eye and aesthetic level. And must have experience, such a hairstylist can design the most suitable plan according to the specific situation and requirements of the customer.
3. Excellent service hairstylist
Now many businesses are particularly interested in service, and the hairdressing industry is originally a service industry, and the customer's experience of service is particularly important. Everyone wants the best service and is respected by others. Many customers choose a hairdressing shop because the service there attracts her, and she is willing to go there to enjoy it. Service attitude is an important means to win customers, if the hairstylist does not have a good service attitude, snub customers or only care about sales regardless of customer interests. Even if the technology is good, it will scare away many customers.
4. Hairstylists with high emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence is actually the skill of getting along with people, whether you can get along with people, people with high emotional intelligence are very good at dealing with people, very aware of what others are thinking, it is easy to say what others are thinking, it is easier to get close to people's hearts, and be friends with others. If the hairstylist has a high emotional intelligence and becomes friends with customers, then customers will naturally like you. In order to improve emotional intelligence, it is best to learn some psychological knowledge to fill yourself and make yourself better with customers.
Always, if you want customers to like it, you must understand what customers want, understand what customers think, in order to better serve them, gain their favor, and be the most beautiful hairstylist in customers' hearts.