How to do the basic positioning of hairdressing salons

How to do the basic positioning of hairdressing salons
Apr 10, 2023admin
Positioning of hairdressers is to find their own position in the market, through consumer groups, brand products, prices and other positioning, and then design the overall style of hairdressers according to these positioning, highlighting the unique beauty of hairdressers.
Salon business first from the positioning of the beginning, different positioning management is different, such as store products, store customers, hair stylist technology, store service and so on are different, so before the salon business, the boss to do a positioning of their own salon, this is also to ensure that the salon can operate smoothly later.

1. Scale positioning:

Scale refers to the size of the store, if you choose to open a high-end salon, the local customer consumption level is high, then the store area must not be small, the size of the store also determines the late business degree of the store, just like people to buy things, a large supermarket far more than the choice of small supermarket, when a large salon opened in a relatively prosperous place, Hairdressers do not need too much publicity, customers can help it spread, so the size of the store positioning to reasonable planning!

2. Location of geographical business circle:

Business positioning represents the salon in what kind of position, your store opened in the bustling streets, then the customer base is more, your salon opened in the upscale community, perhaps not too many customers, but the customer stability, high consumption, and outside the bustling shopping mall no difference, so your early location determines the late salon business performance, So operators must think carefully.

3. Positioning of brand image:

If your salon has a high level of brand positioning, its customers will have high consumption power, and vice versa. Each customer has different needs, and their consumption power and level are also different. There are so many brands in the market, and different skin care products have their own group of loyal customers. Therefore, before opening a salon, we should also think about the brand positioning of the salon.

4. Price positioning:

The project and product price of the hairdressing shop should also have a positioning, and the customer groups facing different prices of products are also different, and different consumption levels should be set for different types of consumer groups. In the process of customer consumption, it is often encountered that when the hairstylist recommends products to customers, and the price products that customers want to consume do not match, which will cause mutual embarrassment between customers and recommenders.