Hairdressing salon promotions should also be noted!

Hairdressing salon promotions should also be noted!
Oct 05, 2022admin

Hairdressing salon promotions should also be noted!

Hairdressing shop activities are a big trick for the boss to promote to attract customers, but there are also many factors that need our attention to do activities, and today I will share with you the matters to pay attention to.

A. Understand the surroundings of the hairdresser:

Hairdressing shop promotions should also be noted! _Popularity

The geographical location and environment of each hairdressing shop are different, so it is necessary to understand the environment of the hairdressing shop, as well as the movements of competitors, the direction of the flow of people, the attendance rate of the hairdressing shop, and so on. If the vicinity of the hairdressing shop is a residential area, we should take that form, and the factory area and commercial area take that form. In residential areas, can we use a hairdresser to do hair care that is more trouble-free than doing it at home? Can the factory area be a fashionista with a close fashion and a small expense?

B. Understand the target of the activity:

What is the activity plan for? Whether it is aimed at the popularity of hairdressing shops, high-end consumer groups, or hot business atmosphere, it is necessary to understand clearly and plan activities with a purpose. If you need popularity, hairdressing shops can do a series of outdoor publicity to enhance the popularity of professional hairdressing shops in the local area; If it is a high-end consumer group, the hairdressing shop can invite the planning company to assist in doing some parties or introducing some high-quality project promotions; If it's a hot atmosphere, the hairdresser can host a big free raffle or a limited-time ultra-low price hairdressing promotion.

C. The purpose of the activity is clear and the idea is clear:

The purpose of the activity must be clear in the planning plan, so that all the staff of the hairdressing shop can instantly understand the meaning of this activity, what

problems this activity can solve for the hairdressing shop and employees, and what kind of benefits can be attached to the hairdressing shop.

D. Execution and division of labor of hairdressing shop planning:

Barbershop activities are mainly divided into large, medium and small activities, large-scale activities are generally rare, involving many aspects of things, so professional hairdressing shops will be mainly medium-sized activities. Large-scale events – such as hosting a customer carnival with surrounding shopping malls to bring customers closer to professional hairdressers; Medium-sized activities - charity cutting, art cutting, etc., to increase the popularity of hairdressing shops and marketing atmosphere; Small activities - XX project experience activities, promotion of new projects, dyeing and perm care, etc.

However, whether it is a large-scale event or a medium-sized event, it is necessary to make the activity detailed, the operation simple, and the division of labor detailed. In particular, the plan should mention in detail how to divide the labor to implement the plan, who is responsible for employee training, who is responsible for on-site sales assistance, employee incentive programs, etc., and how to implement the above must be clearly listed.

E. Investment and return on hairdressing shop activities:

This point is a more sensitive area for hairdresser owners, for example, if the hairdressing shop wants to invest 3,000 yuan in this event, can it earn back 3,000 yuan for the hairdressing shop. Barbershop activities are not comparable to mall activities, not compared to promotional activities, hairdressing shop activities are continuous. The hairdressing shop 3,000 yuan invested, not necessarily immediately get 3,000 yuan return, but reflected in the effect of converting the 3,000 yuan into something. For example, convert this 3,000 yuan into the traffic of the hairdressing shop and into the overall atmosphere of the hairdressing shop.

Hairdressing shop promotions should also pay attention to!_Popularity

F. Time selection:

Many stores only choose to do activities during the festival, good, this time period is very good, most of the other industries are on holiday, and there are more people who come to do hair. But this is very limited. Especially in the off-season, you need to do some activities to increase popularity (note: just to attract customers in the off-season, so the event does not have to be as big as the festival). In this way, the popularity of the store will increase, and the business will naturally increase.