Why is opening a hairdresser unsuccessful? _Why is it so hard to open a hairdresser

Why is opening a hairdresser unsuccessful? _Why is it so hard to open a hairdresser
Oct 06, 2022admin

Why is opening a hairdresser unsuccessful?

Why other people's hairdressing shop business can do prosperously, but yours is cold and cold, aside from objective reasons, in fact, most of the reasons are on themselves, Today summarizes the mistakes that are easy to occur in the process of opening a hairdressing shop, hoping to help you find out the problem, quickly correct it, and enable the hairdressing shop to embark on the road of healthy and fast profit.

Why is it not successful to open a hairdressing shop?_Customer

I. Unprofessional image

In the hairdressing industry, you may find that most people are absolutely non-mainstream, making their hair red, red and green, and their clothes are messy, only in this way do they think they have personality and look like a hairdresser. Yes, this has indeed become a kind of "logo" in the hairdressing world, and it is definitely not a good logo, many people see your hair, you don't need to look elsewhere to know that you are a hairdresser. However, many high-grade customers will never choose such a hairstylist to serve them, because in their opinion, if this image is the same, it will lose their share.

Many people in the hairdressing industry are unsuccessful because they don't look like a successful person, and I often advise my students to focus on their first image, because your image determines your place in the customer's mind before you even open your mouth. It's definitely worth spending at least half an hour a day taking care of yourself, knowing that dressing for success, dressing for victory, and for yourself!

II. Incomplete tools

I don't know if you have found this situation in the store, some hairstylists often can't find their own watering can when doing hair for customers, grab it randomly, and sometimes you may not find a clip and borrow one at will, electric splints, electric rods and other things can even be borrowed or used in the store, anyway, you don't have to spend your own money. But in the eyes of customers, you have already revealed your flaws. "So unprofessional! Why do you have to find everything?" When I taught the students, I also found that many hairstylists did not have uniform bars, and they only knew what they bought in the store. Only by having a set of professional tools that are completely your own will you have a bottom in your heart, no matter how you make the hairstyle will be in your academic control, this metamorph also gives you a high score for professionalism! So professional or unprofessional has not waited for this person to make a move, just look at his tools.

III. Don't understand the company, the product is not professional

Imagine, if you don't even know your own company and your own products, the customer asks you ten sentences and you

can't answer two sentences, how can you convince the customer and buy your product? Customers will never know and trust your product better than you do. When you introduce your company and your product, first you believe it, and if you still have doubts and don't know whether it's good or bad, don't expect others to believe what you say.

IV. Too much nonsense

A mistake that many hairstylists are prone to make is too much nonsense, always too eager to sell things to your customers, and ignore the feelings of customers, speak without focus, simple and clear, do not treat customers as children, in fact, customers are also very smart, sometimes short and firm beliefs are easier for customers to accept.

V. Not thinking about customers

Everyone wants to be respected and valued by others, so we must take this into account when serving customers, ask questions at the right time, pay attention to listening, understand the real needs of customers, and do not force your own ideas to impose on customers, even if your sales are successful, customers also have a feeling of exploitation, and you are likely to lose this customer.

VI. Confrontation with customers

One of the mistakes that many of us tend to make is to always like to argue with customers. Always trying to prove yourself right, so what? It's like a tug-of-war between two people, in order to prove that you are better than him, you always have to pull in opposite directions, and the rope is pulled tighter and tighter until the rope completely collapses, and both lose.

Why didn't you open a hairdressing shop?_Customer

Everyone wants to prove that they are right, if you want to build a good relationship with the customer, then you must first agree with him in a positive attitude, so that you will be recognized and trusted by him, in other ways maybe you will find that communication can be so simple.

All of the above is an important reason for us as a hairstylist to restrict our own development, depending on whether you have also had the above situation, try to change, to avoid these things from happening to you, I believe you will become more confident!