How chain hairdressers can seek to grow

How chain hairdressers can seek to grow
Apr 12, 2023admin
Now large and small hairdressing shops want to be chain franchise brands, but there are already many well-established franchised brand enterprises in the market, and how the new chain hairdressing shops can be invincible in the fierce competition is a question worth pondering. Ang's hairdressing salon franchise brand also thought deeply about how to seek development of chain hairdressing shops.

1. Establish a brand image

For chain hairdressing shops, the most important thing is to have brand awareness, which must be present when starting to be the first hairdressing shop, and to establish brand awareness can be from the following aspects:
(1) Corporate image: To establish a first-class corporate image, the name of the door of the chain hairdressing shop must be consistent, so that it is not only for brand promotion, but also to show their strength and make customers more convincing. In addition, the main product items of the hairdressing shop must also be distinctive, such as whether it specializes in freckle removal or body items, which must be distinctive.
(2) Product image: In this regard, hairdressing shops can unify the hairdressing products of chain hairdressing shops, and can add their own hairdressing shop logo to the products to form professional characteristics.
(3) Service image: Everyone knows this when they think of Haidilao, and hairdressing shops want to learn from Haidilao and strive to be the leader of their own industry's services.

2. Standardized management

A successful enterprise must be inseparable from standardized management, especially for hairdressing shops, especially chain hairdressing shops.
For chain hairdressing shops, the management must be simplified, professional and standardized, and only with certain rules and regulations can we better do a good job in the market. Simplification means to save complicated procedures, treat all franchised stores to adopt a unified franchise method or form, and output the whole store, so that it is easier to manage, and will not be chaotic because there are more franchised stores.
In terms of specialization, it is to subdivide the responsibilities of each department as much as possible, from site selection, decoration, opening guidance, training, purchase and store management, after-sales, etc., each link has special personnel to do, clarify their respective division of labor, and improve work efficiency.
The formulation of all the main things of standardization must have a certain normative system and follow the system process. Of course, the image display of franchised stores should also be unified and standardized to improve the overall image of hairdressing shops.