How hairdresser managers can easily manage hairdressing

How hairdresser managers can easily manage hairdressing
Apr 13, 2023admin
In the eyes of most people, the hairdressing shop manager is very relaxed, there are so many hairstylists below to command, there are subordinates to step forward, they do not have to serve customers, do not have to practice various project techniques, etc., relaxed and comfortable. However, recently, I have heard many hairdresser managers complain that every day is very hard, busy and busy, and business is becoming more and more difficult. The hairdresser manager looks like a superficial scenery, but he is actually busy. So, how can a hairdresser manager manage a hairdresser with ease? Ang's shape brings everyone to discuss.
There are many reasons for the hard work of hairdressing shop managers, but many times the hairdressing shop manager is very hard, but the operation of hairdressing shops is not effective, to a large extent related to the management of hairdressing shop owners, only knowing how to manage how to decompress, can easily manage hairdressing shops.

Know how to delegate power appropriately

As the management of the hairdressing shop, the hairdressing shop manager must correctly understand his positioning, clarify his job responsibilities, know which things are within his own responsibility, and which are things that can be done by hairstylists, only by clarifying his job responsibilities and knowing how to delegate power can he manage the hairdressing shop more easily. The reason why some hairdressing shop managers are busy every day is because they hold on to everything, always think that they are store managers, and they have to participate in everything, and interfere too much with the daily work of hairstylists, so that hairstylists lack independence, and encounter big and small things not thinking about how to deal with them, but finding the store manager for the first time.
Only by knowing how to delegate power, clarify what things you should do, what things hairstylists can do well, give hairstylists more trust and broader development space, never care too much about rights, interfere too much in big and small things, so as to make themselves very hard.

Have a big picture and know how to use it

Although the hairdresser manager, as a leader, needs to lead by example and mingle with the hairstylists if he wants to win the respect and recognition of hairstylists, he needs to be appropriate. Some hairdresser managers always think that if they don't do things, it is easy for the hairstylist to feel that he is putting up a shelf or staying away from the masses, thereby losing the hearts of the people. Therefore, hairdressers must be hands-on in everything big and small, and they are accustomed to mastering any aspect of the hairdressing shop and participating in everything. A customer came to the hairdressing shop, but the hairstylist could not serve him, so the store manager stepped forward; Hairstylist attendance system, hairdressing shop manager stepped forward; The financial situation of the hairdressing shop, the store manager also pays money, so that every day suffers.
However, this lack of overall view, although it seems to mingle with the hairstylist and win people's hearts, but because of the excessive energy on trivial matters, thus lacking control of the overall situation of the hairdresser, it seems that every day is very busy, but there is nothing to do. If you want to easily manage a hairdressing shop, you must have a sense of eight rounds, know how to know how to make good use of people, the right people do the right things, and control the general direction unchanged, and you don't have to do everything.