Who is not suitable for opening a hairdresser

Who is not suitable for opening a hairdresser
Apr 13, 2023admin
As the saying goes, "Thirty-six lines, lines make a champion." "Although it is used to encourage people to work hard there will always be an industry suitable for your development, but it can also be understood that not a person can be excellent in all industries, only in the field where he is good can do better." Take the opening of a hairdressing shop, some people can open the store prosperously, but some people close within a few days of opening. Aung styling to analyze with everyone who is not suitable for opening a hairdressing shop.

1. People who lack interest

in hairdressing
It is said that interest is the best teacher, you can be inexperienced in the hairdressing industry, or you can not understand anything, but as long as you have a heart that loves hairdressing and is willing to pay for it, you can open a hairdressing shop. But the most afraid is that there is no interest in the hairdressing industry, just heard about making money or thinking that opening a store is simple to join hairdressing, this kind of person is not suitable for development in the hairdressing industry. Even if you barely open the store, it will not last long.

2, people who do not have the spirit of hardship and professionalism

If you plan to open a hairdressing shop, you must be prepared to endure hardships, everything is difficult at the beginning, opening a hairdressing shop will face a variety of problems, if you encounter things to escape or ignore them, there is no willingness to endure hardships and dedication to operate a hairdressing shop, how can you take care of the store. In addition, because hairdressing shops belong to the service industry, do not want other professions to work from 9 to 5, hairdressers are very hard, get up very early in the morning, leave work at about nine o'clock in the evening, as long as there are customers to be constantly busy, no fixed holidays, but also often learn new hairdressing knowledge, constantly participate in various trainings, and so on. Without a hard-working heart and no professionalism to work, it is impossible to open a good hairdressing shop.

3. People who don't know how to sell

People who open hairdressing shops can not understand the hairdressing industry, and professional hairdressing knowledge can be learned, but for how to communicate with customers, how to promote customer transactions, how to improve customer experience, etc., this is related to everyone's emotional intelligence. Hairdressing shop franchise brands can give you professional hairdressing knowledge and technique training, of course, will also carry out sales skills training, but sales is a process of grasping psychology, is the need to constantly explore their own understanding, relying on others alone is not much effect. Basic sales knowledge is a key factor in entrepreneurial success. Any performance is achieved through sales, and without sales, hairdressers simply cannot function. As a hairdresser entrepreneur, you must have basic sales knowledge.

4. People who lack assertiveness

As a leader, you must have your own opinions, have your own views on the development of each stage of the hairdressing shop, and learn to think and make decisions independently when encountering things, rather than blindly referring to others, or letting others give you ideas. Many people choose to open a hairdressing shop, just listen to others say that opening a hairdressing shop is very profitable, listen to others say that girls start a business to open a hairdressing shop, listen to others say that the product project is better, listen to others how to make money, etc., blindly listen to others, and do not have their own opinions, people are cloudy, not a qualified manager and decision-maker, do not have the courage of an entrepreneur. It is impossible for such a person to open a good hairdressing shop.

5, look down on people in the service industry

Chinese traditional concept, serve others, serve tea and pour water people are inferior to others, rely on serving others to make money, this kind of profession is often looked down upon by people around, many people feel that they are engaged in the service industry faceless, face is not glorious. This is why many college students are reluctant to choose to engage in service careers, and the older generation does not allow people with high degrees to do this kind of work.
Although this concept is constantly fading with the development of society, there are still many people who hold this concept. Hairdressing shops belong to a kind of service industry, only good service, can retain customers, improve performance, if there is prejudice against the service industry, this kind of person is not suitable for opening a hairdressing shop. You yourself are despised by yourself, how can you serve others sincerely.