How do hair salons grow fast?

How do hair salons grow fast?
Oct 08, 2022admin

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people have begun to pay attention to their own image. Under this premise, the hairdressing industry has developed rapidly. The economic benefits of opening a beauty salon are very obvious. However, opening a store is not an easy task. From the selection and design of the store to the specific planning and operation of the store, there is a lot of knowledge. In the face of such fierce market competition in the hairdressing industry, how can hair salons operate to obtain considerable profits?

How do hair salons grow fast?

1. Choose a good store location

To operate a hairdressing franchise store, you must choose a good store, you must open the store in a place with a large flow of people, large and medium-sized communities, hypermarkets, convenient transportation and other places are very ideal geographical locations.

2. Good store environment

The environment of the hairdressing franchise store is also very important, the store should be clean and tidy, the decoration should be distinctive, so that customers can feel the enjoyment brought by the environment of the hairdressing shop in music.

3, good hairstylists

To operate a hairdressing franchise store, there must be several hairstylists with good hairdressing skills in the store, so that you can attract customers with good hairdressing technology, cultivate customers into loyal repeat customers, and bring new customers to the store through word of mouth.

4. Reasonable price positioning

Profit of hairdressing franchise stores cannot be expected to set the price very high at the beginning to earn profits, but should be reasonably positioned, through reasonable prices to attract a group of stable customers, so as to maintain daily operations. In addition, honest business philosophy and exquisite craftsmanship are also very important.

5. Standardized operation and management

Hairdressing franchise stores want to make quick profits, which is inseparable from standardized management, experienced and capable managers are a good foundation, and the management is carried out every day in accordance with the internal control process of hairdressing shops. In addition, it is necessary to establish detailed customer files by applying for membership cards, develop detailed performance evaluation indicators to attract repeat customers, design a humanized service system, and ensure a fixed source of customers and liquidity through membership activities.

6. Set clear goals

For employees, design multiple levels (such as hairstylist assistant, hairstylist, senior hairstylist, senior hairstylist, hair director, etc.), and at the same time must give them direction and clear goals (such as how long to do it, a certain number of repeat customers on hand can be promoted). These things need to be promoted by the store manager, and the staff performance file record is established for statistics, assessment, and motivation and review at the morning meeting or party.

7. Appropriate promotion methods

(1) Applying for a recharge card is a more common promotion method for hairdressing franchise stores, and it is also the main promotion method for hairdressing franchise stores. The recharge cards of hairdressing franchise stores are divided into various types, which can be divided into monthly cards, quarterly cards, semi-annual cards, and annual cards from the time point of view; From the type of card, it can be divided into point card, VIP card, membership card, etc.; From the prestige of the card, it is also divided into diamond card, gold card, silver card and so on. Hairdressing franchise stores apply for recharge cards to stabilize loyal customers in the store and let them make long-term purchases. And generally recharge cards have discounts, lower than the cost of a single purchase, there will be some discount prices, so you can also attract more new customers by applying for a recharge card.

How do hair salons grow fast?

(2) Hairdressing franchise stores can also choose to discount when carrying out promotional activities, which can directly attract consumers and stimulate their consumption. Hairdressing shops can discount business items such as hair cutting, perming, and hair dyeing, such as store anniversaries, or some holidays, which will attract many consumers to come to consume.

(3) Hairdressing franchise stores can also choose the promotion method of points and gifts. Collecting points to give gifts can maintain long-term consumption of customers, and by giving back gifts, consumers will also feel very warm and have the willingness to continue to consume. The gift can be products such as shampoo with a good reputation in the hairdressing shop, or hairdressing care packages, etc., so that if the customer uses it well, it can also be consumed, which can be described as a good way to kill two birds with one stone.