Business management of beauty and hairdressing business!

Business management of beauty and hairdressing business!
Oct 09, 2022admin

When a hairdresser opens, attracting customers is paramount. So how can a newly opened hairdressing shop quickly attract customers and achieve increased performance? When it comes to attracting customers, you have to study and understand the psychology of customers, and here is a way for you to decipher customer psychology and make your store a steady stream of customers.

Business management of hairdressing business!

1. Customers are the best at comparison

Even the customer, who sits peacefully in a chair waiting for his hair to be straightened, is silent on the surface but very uneasy inside. For example, every move you make with scissors or combs, the dirty parts of the chair's arms or mirror, private conversations between hairdressers, TV sets or behind-the-scenes sounds, etc., customers will patiently list and compare with other stores. And when you are slightly dissatisfied or feel bad, you will have an idea, and you will even make up your mind to never come to this store again.

2. Be attracted by advertising

First of all, we must pay attention to advertising and do a good job in advertising. Hairdressing products and services can be classified as FMCG, and the consumption characteristics of FMCG are high attention and easy to be influenced by advertising to form consumption impulses. Consumers are also prone to change their consumption habits due to the influence of advertising.

But advertising must grasp the scale, especially not to promote promises that cannot be done. When customers are attracted to the store by the advertisement, once disappointed, they will never come to the door twice.

It's well known that there is a gap between publicity and reality, but when you want to create attractive ads, don't disappoint customers. Propaganda is not about turning bad propaganda into good. The basic principle is: to introduce the right and good to customers, and to promote it responsibly.

3. Attracted by good word of mouth, once customers have confidence in this store, more people will be introduced to the store.

Among the propaganda, the most effective is "propaganda with the mouth". The speed with which customers pass from customer to customer and then to others is amazing. In addition, hairdressers must pay attention to the service attitude that impresses each customer at all times.

4. Attracted by good service

Even if it is somewhat inconvenient, customers still like to gather in stores with good service.

For hairdressers, good geographical conditions are very important. However, the location is not good, but the service provided can satisfy customers, and customers prefer to take a car to visit. So in a lot of good hairdressers, you will see customers from all directions.

Anyone has private feelings. If the waiter of the hairdressing shop treats the customer with a strained face, it will definitely not be able to capture the customer's heart.

5. Stores that like to make themselves feel superior

Of course, it is not necessary to receive special treatment, but to give customers a little sense of superiority. For example, once the guest's name is known, he must be happy, which is also normal.

Business management of hairdressing business!

6. I like to go to a store that can serve small customers well

The hairdresser can take good care of the children, which can make customers grateful. In the eyes of parents, toddlers are a wild horse that is difficult to tame. Once the hairdresser has the means to tame the wild horse and cut a beautiful haircut, the parents will thank the store from the bottom of their hearts and even decide that the hairdresser is top-notch.