What should I pay attention to after the opening of a beauty salon?

What should I pay attention to after the opening of a beauty salon?
Oct 09, 2022admin

More and more people open hair salons, and the water in hair salons is getting deeper and deeper. If you are thinking and want to succeed in a hair salon, there are many taboos that you can't touch. Once you offend, the consequences are unimaginable! So what are the taboos in the hairdressing industry?

1. Playing the edge

How many companies in the hairdressing industry are hovering on the edge of legal prohibition? Many hairdressing companies always want to take advantage of policy loopholes to transfer profits by disguised operation. In the end, it not only hurts customers, but also ruins the reputation of the industry, and leads to bankruptcy and debt.

What should I pay attention to after the opening of Guangzhou Ouquan Meiye hairdressing shop?_Ying hairdressing

2, feudal superstition

Although it is now the age of science, superstitious behaviors such as fortune-telling, fortune-telling, and looking at each other are still ubiquitous in the hairdressing industry. Some enterprises make yin and yang strange, recruit a talent also depends on the face to choose an address to measure feng shui, and even ask feng shui masters to tell fortunes for customers, this feudal superstitious behavior will only wear down people's will, corrode people's souls, and even cause social unrest. The sea of commerce is ruthless, turning clouds and rain, who will bless ?

3, the concept of legal system is weak

Many people think that the average education level of people in the hairdressing industry is not high, so they often violate discipline and law carelessly, and since then they have been branded in the hearts of consumers. Therefore, if hairdressing enterprises want to become bigger and stronger, they must strengthen their awareness of the legal system, know the use of the law, and only legal operation can make lasting profits.

4、 "Conference Control"

"The most meetings in the hairdressing industry!" Meetings every day!", do you agree with that? People in the hairdressing industry are generally "meeting control", everything is in the meeting, as if only the meeting can solve the problem, but ineffective and too many meetings will only waste costs, meetings to prevent meetings without discussion, discussion without decision, never done, action without results.

5. "Groupization"

Obviously small companies call themselves "groups", and business owners who clearly do not have millions of net assets also call themselves the chairman of a certain group... This bravado abounds in the hairdressing industry. Fabricated, exaggerated packaging and glorification will bankrupt credit.

6, brotherly partnership, enemy scattered

There are many joint ventures in the hairdressing industry, when the company was first established, the partners were all one heart, and when the company slowly developed and gradually grew or halfway through, the partners slowly began to become profit-oriented and distrustful, so "ranking seats, dividing gold and silver, discussing honor and disgrace" caused partners to scatter.

What should I pay attention to after the opening of Guangzhou Ouquan Meiye hairdressing shop?

7, no culture

This refers to the fact that many hairdressing companies have neither long-term economic goals nor culturally mature propositions, and lack a mission spirit! Therefore, it is difficult to draw the ground for the development of the prison.

8, brutal management

"Military management" is already common in the hairdressing industry, but there are also many hairdressing companies blindly implement eventual management, such as excessive corporal punishment of employees, restrictions on life freedom, excessive requirements for employees, etc., modern enterprises must spurn this feudal concept of "dominance equals power, dictatorship equals efficiency".